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Overtaken by Restlessness

For the past several days, I have been overtaken by an impatient restlessness.  I can’t focus.  I can’t seem to accomplish anything.  I feel nervous, anxious, even bored.  With the school year approaching and a mile-long to-do list of business related activities I’m supposed to be getting done so that I can have a productive and profitable fall, I am tempted to FORCE myself to GET IT DONE.  Instead, I find myself distracted.  I feel a little like a woman in labor, restlessly pacing the floor waiting for the next CONTRACTION.  I brought this restlessness to prayer and God said, “Lauri, don’t you remember, this is the week I told you to BE QUIET.”  Great….how am I supposed to be quiet with all this noise in my head, chaos in my body and children asking, asking, demanding my attention:  “Mommy, what are we going to do today? Can we go shopping today?  I need, this and this and this for school. I need a ride to and from practice.  Our first home game is tomorrow night.”  ARGH!  So, in the spirit of this restlessness (I can’t be the only one!), here is a poem I wrote about the wind and the new life it stirs in our being:

I am the wind


I am the wind

Blowing chaos into

Empty spaces


Prying free the twisted,


Fingers of complacency

And stagnation


Tossing them into the air

To be cleansed,




Tumbling topsy-turvy on my breath

Towards new life,

New discoveries,

New growth


Unleashing the creative genius

Locked within.

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Lauri Lumby

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One thought on “Overtaken by Restlessness

  1. Thank you for this…No, you are not alone. Had lunch with two soul sisters yesterday and we shared those same feelings with one another. It always helps. Please continue to validate our feelings. I wish you peace.

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