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What We Have Is To Be Shared

Today’s blog examines the idea that if we want to receive, we have to give. 

Conversations with God

Yesterday I was listening to a talk given by author Neale Donald Walsch of Conversations with God fame.  I have been a fan of Neale’s work since his first book was released.  I love his writing, the philosophy that emerges out of him and his humble and gentle nature.  Neale said something in yesterday’s talk that hit me right between the eyes.  He said that if we want to receive something in our life, we first need to give that same something to another.  In other words, if we want hospitality, welcome, friendship, compassion, love, humility, acceptance, understanding, tolerance; we need to be hospitable, welcoming, friendly, etc. to another.  Then he extrapolated on this idea to the field of money…an issue around which I have recently been struggling…..and my brain exploded.  My attitude about money, prosperity, abundance, wealth was all wrong.  Actually, my attitude isn’t really wrong, I was just thinking about it the wrong way.  Of course, I don’t want money for my own sake…..I want the freedom that prosperity gives us to support others.  I don’t want money for myself, I want money to give it away – exactly the attitude Neale says we need in order that we may receive.  I am now thinking about money in a different way……who do I want to and who can I help?  I think of the amazing editor who has journeyed with me through three books and who I want to provide with a living wage.  I think of the graphic designer who charges me WAY TOO LITTLE for the cover art she has provided me for my books.  I think of the graphic designer who is doing the interior of my next two books in trade for classes.  I think of the orthodontist who will be equipping my son with braces, the heating and electric company who provides comfort for my home, the farmers who grew my food, the physicians who help to keep us well, the men and women who work on the oil rigs providing fuel for my car.  Every penny I make is to help support the life and well-being of a whole slew of people.  And….I’m glad to play a role in the care and feeding of others.  And in the spirit of this little tweek in my personal intention around prosperity, abundance and money…..this is the Psalm that I wrote while sharing my gifts with the small group of people that gather for contemplative prayer and discussion every Sunday night:

R:  All the Lord gives me is gift to be shared.

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.

Abundant are God’s gifts and I am grateful.

R:  All the Lord gives me is gift to be shared.

I see before me all who hunger and thirst for God.

I offer what God has given me that all may be fed.

R:  All the Lord gives me is gift to be shared.

As the smallest seed produces abundant yield,

So shall the word of God that goes forth from my lips.

R:  All the Lord gives me is gift to be shared.

Though I am too young and slow of speech,

A cracked pot and a broken vessel,

The Lord can work the good in me.

R:  All the Lord gives me is gift to be shared.

Full of wonder and awe in the Lord

I take not for myself, but so others may live.

R:  All the Lord gives me is gift to be shared.

What are you being invited to give so that you may receive?

Lauri Lumby

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