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Thank You For Participating in This Miracle

Today’s blog offers gratitude for miracles and for a newly claimed lens of wonder and invites you to participate in this miracle! 

Experimenting with Miracles

For the past month, I have been participating in a miracle experiment.  Of course, like upon a star and birthday candle wishes, I cannot divulge the exact nature of the miracle experiment, lest it not come true.  Let me just say that I made a special wish and for the past four weeks, the wish continues to come true.  What this little experiment has done for me is deepened and broadened the lens of WONDER and AWE that I decided to embrace last month.  And everytime something shows up in reflection of this miracle experiment, I do a little celebration dance and shout in glee, “THANK YOU FOR THIS MIRACLE!”

Mentors and Miracles

This morning through my emails, I received affirmation, validation and a possible explanation for this sudden manifestation of miracles.  Lauren Gorgo is one of my favorite writers and has become a great teacher and guide as we move through these strange changing times.  While some might find her blog a little “new-agey,”  I LOVE IT!  It is filled to the top with all the magic wands, angels, stardust and celestial events that this Aquarian Age girl loves.  Besides, as I have discovered, there is really NOTHING “New” about “New Age.”  Anyway…..Lauren shared with her subscribers (thereby me), that this IS the age of miracles and that WE DO have the power to make magic happen in our lives…….We just need to see it, believe it and be it.  “I do believe in fairies…I do…I do…I do believe in fairies…I do….I do….”  (PS This is the line that saved Tinkerbell from death in Peter Pan… case you didn’t know that.)

Won’t you Join Me in the Miracle?

In light of this little miracle experiment, and all the other miracles that are currently sparking up all over my life, I am offering to myself and to you a MANTRA and an INVITATION.  First, the invitation.  Starting today, I invite YOU to participate in the Miracle Experiment.  Set down your lens of woe, worry, fear, disbelief and confusion.  Then, Pick up the lens of WONDER.  Starting today, begin to look at the world through the lens of wonder:  Where is God in this?  How is this a miracle?  What is amazing, wonderful, fabulous in this?  What is the gift here?  etc. etc. etc.   EXPECT EVERYTHING to be a miracle…to be magical.  Look for the fairies and the pumpkin turned coach, pick up your magic wand, your fairy dust, your pixie stick and MAKE EVERYTHING a miracle.  Then, with everything you receive and to everyone that is part of your miracle say:

Thank you for participating in this miracle!

Everything around us is magic……do we have the eyes to see it and the faith to believe?

I do believe in magic, I do I do!

Lauri Lumby

Believer in Magic!


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