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Word Play – Word Pray Part II

Today’s blog explores another aspect of using words as a tool for meditation and prayer.

How Could I Forget?

After posting yesterday’s blog, I attended my morning yoga class.  While moving through the asanas, I found two words kept presenting themselves for my reflection:  Simplicity and Tending.  I allowed myself to simply be present to these words.  I didn’t reflect on them or ponder them.  I simply allowed myself to feel these words.  Simplicity gave me the feeling of breathing room and groundedness.  Being present to the word made me feel as if my own personal energy was relaxing, softening and reaching out toward the earth below my feet.  I felt safe, content, secure, at-ease.  Tending had a whole different feeling altogether.  Being present to tending gave me a warm feeling in my heart.  It felt as if my energy that I usually feel as off in all directions in the universe was turning around and coming back to me.  It felt as if the word tending was some sort of magnet drawing my energy back to me.  The energy returned and came to be anchored in my heart, then it moved down and became rooted in the earth.  Tending me.  Tending me.  Tending me.  Through this experience, I received not only intellectual knowledge of what these words mean to me, but received a felt sense  of what I feel like when I allow myself to be present to and receive Simplicity and Tending in my life.  And I have to say… felt REALLY good.

Words have Power

My point of sharing this with you is that when we use words as a tool for meditation and prayer, they have power.  Words are not just something that we roll around on our tongue or tumble around in our brain.  Because of the generation upon generation of people who have used these words, given meaning to them and made them a part of their life, words now carry a vibration.  The ancients knew this and it is for this reason that the most ancient languages are thought to have power in and of themselves:  Sanskrit, Hebrew, Aramaic, for example.  Apparently the same is true of English, Spanish, French, Swahili, etc. etc. etc. as well.  Our words have power because of the power we give to them.

Words as a Compass

When we allow ourselves to move beyond the intellectual constructs of a word, we find its true meaning and its deeper power and it can inform us, challenge us, change us.   For me, the words I have been given are valuable nuggets of guidance, instructing me on what to move toward in my life, what to allow and what to receive.  If something comes to me that feels like something other than Simplicity or Tending, I get to say no.  If something feels like either of these things, I am being invited to say yes.  That is really helpful as I stand at this place of in-between watching specific things in my life depart while waiting for the new life to emerge.  Apparently this new life will have simplicity and tending as two key components.  COOL!

What are the words that are currently speaking to you?

How are you being invited to simple BE with that word?

What is the felt-sense you receive when allowing yourself to be present to that word?

Lauri Lumby

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