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God Has a Sick Sense of Humor!

Today’s blog explores the inexplicable nature of God and the sometimes illogical path of our highest good.

God is Weird!

Just had to get that off my chest.  As I continue this journey of allowing the Universe (aka G0d) to help me to understand what the heck I am supposed to do when I grow up (about time I figured this out….I am 47 for God’s sake!)  I have been watching doors closing, while waiting to see what (if any) doors the Universe does want me to step through and in the midst of this wondering “Where is the money coming from?”   Yesterday was one of those days where three very specific doors were opened and I willingly stepped into two of them and the third I am in the midst of discerning.  The first door was facilitating a meditation workshop at a local community center.  The second was facilitating the Contemplative Sunday service that I offer weekly at a local wellness center.  Between the two, I shared roughly four hours of my time, not including prep and made $14.00.  This is what makes me laugh.  I was 100% sure that I was supposed to say yes to both of these opportunities and I did so with no attachment to the money.  And the small return on my investment (of time, talent, education, training, experience) makes me laugh at God’s sick sense of humor.  Apparently, these are not the areas from which the money will be coming – but I’m still supposed to be doing this.  (not only that, but I am feeling called to offer a second weekly service – again, knowing this will not be a significant source of income.)  Ha Ha…very funny God! 

The Bigger Picture

When I look through the money situation through a small lens, it would strike fear and terror in my soul (as I imagine would be true of most people).  But since last spring when I had my “fear of money” meltdown I have for the most part felt a strange sense of peace around the issue of money.  Admittedly, it could just be cold, hard denial….but somehow, someway, what I really need to survive is there.  What I have been learning through all of this is the TRUST IN GOD… trust that my needs and the needs of my family will be met – possibly in strange and unexpected ways.  And to LIVE IN THE MOMENT….to not get taken off task by those darn nagging money worries and to simply take ONE STEP AT A TIME trusting that each step is leading me SOMEWHERE.

Enter the Unexpected

So, here’s the other “God is weird and has a really strange sense of humor” part.  Last night at 9:30 pm, I received a phone call on my office line.  I can’t even tell you the details of this phone call because I am still discerning my response.  Suffice it to say that the call was an offer to receive, allow and say yes to something that I would NEVER even consider asking of for myself.  It is an offer that is at once humbling and overwhelming in its scope and its potential impact.  When I have completed my time of discernment around this offer and if I decide to say yes, I will then share with you how REALLY humbling this opportunity is.  Suffice it to say that in accepting this offer, I (and the world along with me) will be the recipients of God’s weird sense of humor!  Oh yeah, and the answer to the “where is the money coming from” question is “Wherever it is right now.” 

Where do you struggle with fears around money, abundance, security, etc.?

How are you being invited to LIVE IN THE MOMENT…..TRUST…..?

What tools do you use in discerning where God is calling you to share your gifts?

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