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Moving with Simplicity

Ok, Now What?  Part III (or is it 10?)

Still discerning over here.   Actually, not really.  Instead, it seems that the active stage of searching, exploring, asking, digging, weighing, has shifted to simply allowing.  This is a strange and unfamiliar landscape for one such as myself who has spent the vast majority of my 47 years in compulsive planning, anticipating, preparing for various potential outcomes.  Instead, I am simply allowing myself to step into whatever the Universe places at my feet or in my lap.  For example, this week, I had three paying clients.  In the coming week, zero.  I should be freaking out, right?  Nope.  Admittedly, I could be in a profound state of denial, but I don’t think so.  Instead, I am embracing the three things the Universe apparently DOES want me to be present to:  my children, working on my novel and teaching my Living in Freedom which has been organized, recruited for and scheduled with virtually no effort on my part.  On Wednesday of this week, 12 participants will begin the journey of identifying the unique lens through which they see the world (from the perspective of the Enneagram) and how to embrace the gifts of this lens, while transcending its shadow.  As I am allowing the Universe to unfold my life for me, I am also aware of a little word that keeps creeping into my consciousness and what seems like an invitation, direct from the Universe (aka God) to embrace this word in my life and to allow this word to direct my future actions….and that word is…..(drum roll please)……Simplicity.

Felt Sense as a Compass

Simplicity?  What is that?  What does it look like? And how do I make that part of my life?  This weekend, I was reminded that in order to allow something into our lives, in order to “manifest” something, we need to know what it feels like.   I have applied these principles in the past, especially in regards to relationship  and have found them to be successful, so why wouldn’t I apply them here?  So, for the past several days, I have been sitting in contemplation with the concept of simplicity and what it might feel like to me.  This morning, I penned a piece of prose that expresses what I know today about simplicity and I share it with you below.  As you are reading, you may want to ask yourself a couple questions:

1) In one word, what are you being called to in your life right now (love, peace, joy, abundance, passion, partnership, etc.)

2) What does that feel like to you?

Moving with Simplicity

Simplicity feels like ease…a gentle, graceful flow.  And image of the tide coming in and surrounding me in support, then gently receeding, moving out into the world in all directions.

Simplicity feels like right here, right now.  It feels like breathing and the gentle, persistent beating of the heart.  It feels like staying in this moment and BE. HERE. NOW.

Simplicity feels like a stately oak deeply rooted; and the boughs of the pine which tenderly hold.

Simplicity feels like effortless flow – the tide that comes and goes on its own – we know not how; the waves of the ocean, the flow of the rivers and streams. The movement of the wind – moving here and there unseen, but recognized in its effects.

Simplicity feels like a sliver of the moon, a shooting star and the silence of the night before dawn.

Simplicity feels like grass growing, daisies waving in the breeze, a robin’s song, the air after a spring rain and the scent of autumn.

Simplicity feels like a butterfly’s wing, dandelion fluff, and a young child dancing in the sun.

Lauri Lumby

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