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Saying Yes To What God Gives Me, Again

Today’s blog explores the topic of discernment – the process through which we determine God’s direction for our life – the direction that is in our highest good.

Now What?  Part 3

As I continue this process of discernment – trying to determine God’s direction for my life, I am reminded of a powerful mantra given to me by my Spiritual Director about this exact time last year.  The mantra is:

Say Yes To What God Gives Me

I have found this mantra to be a powerful tool of discernment, as well as acceptance and surrender.  As I sit in the gap following professional challenges and observe that certain professional doors may be closing and not yet knowing what the doors are that will be (or already are) opening, this mantra has become especially helpful and important.  In the past several weeks, God has given me:

  • Time away from professional obligations
  • Time to heal
  • Time to take a personal retreat and professional sabbatical
  • A place to retreat to and a friend to retreat with
  • Loving and supportive family and friends
  • The financial resources to be able to take this time away
  • Generous parents

As I slowly move out of the cave of retreat and make a gentle re-entry into the professional world, I am grateful for the things that God is now giving me:

  • A 12 week teaching contract facilitated by enthusiastic and supportive students.
  • A smattering of paying clients
  • Subscribers to Agape’
  • An enthusiastic editor
  • A terrific graphic designer
  • An offer from a client to design the interior of my next book
  • A trade client who is also a magnificent portrait artist who is hard at work on the portrait that will be the cover of my next book.
  • Time to write

As I gaze over the spectrum of what the Universe is giving me, the answer to “Ok, Now What?”  seems pretty clear:  FINISH THAT NOVEL!  You have the time, the resources, etc.  Of course the part of me that craves financial security is totally freaking out about this, but the direction seems pretty obvious….and the invitation is to TRUST, forge ahead and GET ER DONE!  So, I take a deep breath, say yes to what the Universe is giving me and step into the abyss of the unknown to write, edit, write some more and hand my novel over to the designers that will make it beautiful and the publishing vehicle that will make it available to the world.  YAY!


So, just a little preview:  The book is about Mary Magdalene (duh!) and her personal experience with Jesus (duh again!).

Putting it into practice

If you are facing a period of “Now what?” in your own life, or are simply restless and seeking new direction, this little discernment tool and mantra might prove to be helpful.

  • Ask the questions (now what?  Who do you want me to be?  What do you want me to do?)
  • Observe those things in your life that are no longer life-giving and be willing to let them go.
  • Watch for the things that do give you life.
  • Be attentive to the things the Universe seems to simply drop into your lap (even if you don’t initially think you want them… for me, three weeks with no paying clients)
  • Say yes to what the Universe gives you – again even if you don’t initially think you want them (like a closed or closing door)
  • TRUST that the Universe only has your highest good in mind
  • Surrender to what is
  • TRUST that the Universe will provide for your needs as you say yes to what you are being given.
  • ALLOW yourself to be carried into your new life…..if it is God-directed, excruciating effort will not be necessary.  (another thing to watch for as validation of your God-directed path).

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries


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