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After Nada – I Am

Today’s blog explores the meditation practice that comes after the ego-release and emptying of “Nada Meditation” (as discussed in the previous blog.)  The next step after emptying is to acknowledge all the things we really are.

Nada Revisited

As I shared in an earlier blog this week, I have been focussing my meditation on emptying and have been doing so through a meditation practice that I have dubbed, Nada Meditation. In this form of Nada Meditation, we are invited to identify all the roles and labels we have assigned to ourselves and give them release – or at least the parts of those roles that might have been motivated by the ego (fear, vanity, revenge, competition, etc.).  We say “not this, not that” to each of these ego attachments and LET THEM GO.  Not teacher.  Not pastor.  Not reformer.  Not Catholic.  Not Recovering Catholic.  Not teacher.  Not healer. etc.  I have discovered, that this process of purification does not, however, end with Nada.  As I moved through this practice, I found that a new practice was presenting itself and I share that practice with you today.

After Nada – I Am

I know that there is no way in God’s green earth that I have been completely freed of ego, fear, constriction, etc. in spite of my inner perfectionist’s desire to be the perfect living Divine being (not a lot of room for humanness in my perfectionist’s world!).  That being said, the past couple of weeks have provided an opportunity for me to look into the mirror and recognize those things that were seeking healing and release at this place in my journey, and I feel lighter and more hopeful because of it.  As I come to the end of a universe-imposed period of retreat, I find that a new energy has entered my being and this new energy is inviting a new meditation practice.  Instead of the heavy and sometimes challenging process of ego release, it seems I am being invited to call back all those parts of myself that I AM… other words, those things that are real and true, life-giving and uplifting.

I AM Meditation

I Am Meditation is really quite simple.  Through this process, we identify all the things within us that are real, true, incorruptible, life-giving and benevolent.  I Am Meditation provides and opportunity to rebuild ourselves after the tough work of healing and release.  I Am Meditation might look something like this:

I am grateful

I am joyful

I am loving

I am loved

I am happy

I am content

I am gifted

I am prosperous

I am peaceful

I am content

I am secure

I am generous

I am wise

I understand

I am enthusiastic

I am energized

I am motivated

I am beautiful

I am worthy

I am healthy

I am supported

I am nurtured

I am held

I am upheld

I am honest

I am of integrity

I am One with all I see and all I am

I am fulfilled

That’s pretty much it.  Now, why don’t you give it a try?

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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  1. I work with a group of women with children who are dealing with recovering from addiction, self-esteem issues, and abusive relationships-or a combination of these-and I will be able tu use this in my monthly sessions with them. Many of the participants are Christian, but not all-and this can be adapted well to them-non threatening. Thank you and blessings. Chaplain Edward Huff, BCC.

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