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Hold on to Your Hats – Energy Alert!

To my regular blog readers:  This is NOT the normal tone for my blog and I wholeheartedly admit this.  I usually leave these kinds of posts to those who are experts in the field of world changes, prophecy, etc.  But it seems the Holy Spirit is calling us all to alert and I’m responding to the needs of my readers who might otherwise be unaware.  (or I could just be out of my flippin mind!!!!) 🙂

What Are You Feeling Today?

If today you are finding yourself feeling:

  • impatient, frustrated, filled with anger or rage, seething with some yet unnamed inner energy that feels like it wants to EXPLODE out of you like a volcano
  • anxious, pacing, suffering from sleeplessness or dream-filled and interrupted sleep
  • A feeling like you want to tear your skin off and step out of a too constricted body
  • Like you want to kick to the curb the people around you are not “cooperating” with what you want them to do
  • Like you want to growl, bite, kick, SCREAM……….
  • Your work or personal life feels unusually stressful and it feels like a pressure cooker and the lid is about to blow
  • The people in your life (family, loved ones, co-workers) are exhibiting any or all of the above symptoms

YOU ARE NOT ALONE!    My phone and email have been ringing off the hook with people suffering the above complaints.  Not only that, but I feel it within myself and have observed it in my loved ones.

Shedding Our Skin

I’m stealing this image from a dear friend who saw this in a dream which I would usually count off as her personal thing.  But then I got three more calls from people with the EXACT same dream.  The dream:  themselves as a snake, shedding their skin.  This is exactly what seems to be happening to EACH and EVERY one of us.  Like a snake shedding its skin, we are being invited….compelled….forced to discard our old, outmoded, no longer life-giving, too small for our truth bodies so that we can more fully embrace (warning….new agey language to follow) the Divine Human Imprint.  What the heck does that mean, you might ask?  I have no frickin idea……these are the words that were given to me……but in truth I do know what this mean.

The Divine Human Imprint aka  LOVE!

LOVE is the long and short of it.  We are being invited, compelled, forced to be LOVE.  And not just in the little puny ways in which we have been love up til now….this is BIG LOVE……BIG JOY…..BIG PASSION….BIG CREATIVITY….BIG FUN….BIG TRUTH.  We are being called to step out of the shadows of our fears, false perceptions, personal contrictions, limiting believes and step into….in a really BIG way……our TRUEST SELVES.  What does that mean?  It means we are called to EMBRACE our gifts….and our passions and all the things that give us joy. We are called to stop putting limits on our love and on our dreams and on our joys.  God didn’t put us here to suffer and struggle and fight….God called us to LIVE and to LOVE and to PLAY!  And God called us to do this through very specific and amazing gifts that are unique to each individual.  We are all called to build the Kingdom of God on earth using the gifts, passions, joys and talents that God gave us.  And we are called to DO IT NOW!!!!!

Where the Push meets the Shove

The problem however,  is that many of us are still living within the limitations of our false perceptions and fear-based beliefs.  Our lives don’t yet match our joy, our unique giftedness and the ENORMOUS love that humanity is called to be.  So what we are feeling RIGHT NOW is the tension between what we are called to be and what our current circumstance seems to be.  So if you are not yet doing your joy… might feel extra restless.  If you aren’t sharing your gifts in the way that your highest self wants to, you might feel an enormous build up of stress in your personal or work place.  If you aren’t loving in the way you are called to love, you might find yourself overcome with unexplained sadness or even rage.

Don’t Throw the Baby out with the Bathwater

During this time of enormous tension, there is a great temptation to kick to the curb everything that is irritating us.  To this temptation, the Universe says….STOP….WAIT….PRAY….BREATHE.  What we think is irritating us might just be a projection of our own inner restlessness.  If you are 100% without a doubt sure that something needs to leave your life….then go ahead and get rid of it.  If not, wait and see.  The truth will be revealed in its own due time.  So don’t be rash or make any hasty extractions.

What to Do in the Meantime

  • Pray.  Breathe.  Meditate.  ENGAGE your spiritual practice…whatever that is.
  • LOVE – be loving toward yourself.  Send love to your loved ones, your enemies, the world.  Imagine love.  Visualize Love.  Keep a record of all the times you were loving…if that helps.
  • Get out in nature.  Hug a few trees.  Sit by the water.
  • Did I say water?  Drink water.  Bathe in Water.  Be Water.
  • ENGAGE the energy.  Dance.  Make love.  Scream.  Rant and Rave (to yourself).  Pound your fists into a pillow.
  • PULL weeds.  Go into your garden and get your hands in the soil.
  • Did I say make love?
  • Do a MASTER cleanse: The juice of 1 lemon, 3 tablespoons of real maple syrup, a dash of cayenne pepper in 16oz of warm water.  Drink often and many.
  • Clean your house….scrub, polish, discard anything you aren’t using.

And in a nutshell:  Hold onto your hat, hold onto your pants and kick off your shoes…..we are in for a wild ride!!!!!!!!!!  

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries


I am a trained, professional Spiritual Director, Author and Hands-on Healer. I offer services, programs and classes that empower you to hear the voice of the Divine that speaks from within you. It is the voice of the Divine that leads us to our highest truth, to the discovery and cultivation of our gifts and to a life of Authentic Freedom where we know contentment, compassion and joy. Your truth will set you free!