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Can I Get an AMEN!?

Today’s blog explores the much used, abused and in truth, neglected word, “AMEN.”  What do we mean when we say this and what can it really mean? 

Exposing my Geekdom

I have a confession to make.  I am a geek!  I pretty much meet all of the qualifications for certifiable “Geekdom.”  And maybe this isn’t a surprise, but  one thing I bet you didn’t know about my Geekdom is my complete fascination with ancient and dead languages – in particular, Sanskrit, Aramaic, Hebrew and Latin.  I have said if I had all the money and time in the world, I would go back to school and study these languages.  But here’s the real Geek confession….it is not the languages per se that fascinates me, it is the letters, the root sounds and their magical, mystical, healing, transformative powers.  Because in case you didn’t know this…..these languages ARE MAGIC!  And that goes back to my first true fantasy and first touch of geekdom – to be able to wiggle my nose, ala Samantha Stevens,  and poof make things happen.  And in case you didn’t know this….Samantha Stevens is QUEEN of the geeks!

Magical Hebrew Letters

So my dream to be able to study ancient and dead languages has begun taking root.  On a recent search, I found this fabulous book, The Wisdom in the Hebrew Alphabet by Rabbi Michael L. Munk.  In this book, he takes each letter of the Aleph-Beis (Hebrew Alphabet) and explores the hidden, mystical, magical, spiritual significance of each letter and their connection to Jewish deed and thought.  It is a beautiful book and it is quenching my thirst for a deeper comprehension of ancient languages and their spiritual roots.

Can I Get an Amen?

Now….to the point of today’s blog!  Rabbi Munk shares his thoughts on a tiny little word that is common among the prayers of both the Hebrew and Christian traditions, and that word is AMEN.  Having been raised Catholic, I was quite familiar with this little word – it acted as a period at the end of every uttered prayer.  Whether a rote, memorized prayer like the Lord’s Prayer or the Hail Mary, sung at the end of the Doxology, or at the end of the intercessory prayers, Amen was the word that marked the end of our prayer intentions.  I recall being told in religious ed that “Amen” meant something like, “So be it.”  Rabbi Munk reveals a deeper, more expansive understanding of the word AMEN that has totally altered the way I will use this word in the future:

The word Amen, stems from faith or belief.  When responding, “Amen,” we must bear in mind that we are acknowledging our belief in the manifestation of God described in the blessing we have just heard.”

(The Wisdom of the Hebrew Alphabet pg 152)

When we say, “Amen” we are saying that we BELIEVE that God is doing what the words say God is doing!  We are saying that we BELIEVE that God is answering and taking action on our prayers.   We are saying that we BELIEVE the words we are saying or the words that God is saying to us.  Amen = I BELIEVE.  To me, this is HUGE!  It is one thing to put a period or an exclamation at the end of a blessing or a prayer, but to say, “Yep, I believe this,” is not just HUGE…it is EARTH SHATTERING!   Now…let me give you some examples.

God’s Words to Me

Throughout the past year and a half of blogging, I have shared with you several mantras and words of comfort that God has given me in my prayer and in my yoga practice.  Here are some of those words:

  • You are my beloved daughter and with you I am well pleased
  • You are precious and glorious in my eyes and I love you
  • I know well the plans I have for you, plans for prosperity and not for woe
  • Say yes to what God gives you
  • You are a vessel through which love is known in this place
  • You are worthy of love and belonging
  • The word is CHOOSE
  • Grow up
  • You know who you are, you know what you want
  • Be open to receive all the love the universe wants to give you 

I have taken these words to heart…..and they have been a profound source of comfort and help when I needed them.  But upon reading Rabbi Munk’s words, these words take on a whole new meaning.  To all of the above……I now add a big, huge AMEN!  In other words, I don’t just hear these words, I am being invited to BELIEVE them……to believe in prosperity, in love, in abundance, in openness, to belonging, to knowing, to receiving, etc. etc. etc. and to know that God is actually DOING what all of these words of comfort and support suggest.   So to prosperity…I say AMEN!  To knowing all my needs are abundantly met….I say AMEN!  To all the love of the universe, I say Amen…..You get the idea! And indulging my geek fantasies, when I say AMEN, I imagine God as Samantha Stevens, wiggling her nose and making it so!  Now it is your turn:

To what are you being invited to say AMEN?

Lauri Lumby

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4 thoughts on “Can I Get an AMEN!?

  1. I’ve quickly browsed your article and I know your blog is Spiritual Truth. There’s no spirituality or otherwise to Truth. Truth is!

    And the Truth is that Amen is the last piece of Tutankhamen, the Tutankhaten son of Akhenaten and Nefertiti, just as an example.

    The truth is that Amen – the roman Christian didn’t even paid an effort to change that – is a so called god. He is one of many. Like YHWH.

    He is an Anunaki “god”, period. That’s the truth. But these names have been also used as titles. For instance, there has been multiple YHWH.

    There were more than 300 Anunaki gods hence the 100s of different god names.

    Then came Akhenaten and he wanted to change all that so he revolutionized the Egypt society, literally leaving hundreds of priests out of job. Those priests were from an Order called The Eye of Horus. They obliterated Akhenaten, having him flee and change name into Moses, and later killed Nefertiti and Tutankhamen. This Order is behind the creation of the roman religion and basically copied everything from Akhenaten’s one, the virgin mother and the sun/son god. It’s a power thing for them, no love at all. Mass manipulation with mysticism, aka hypnotism / brainwashing. They’re still in power, see the $1 bills.
    So, it’s all an hoax. When after everything you state, as god incarnate on earth, you state Amen what you’re really stating is “in the name of this god” or “as this god here wishes” or “this god rules and I obbey, I’m his sheep”. Not Christ, no ma’am. Christ was used and is used. A tool to an end. That is amen. An ET passing up as god. One of many. Still messing up this place. It is time we grow and stop being someone else’s children. You are God. I AM God. If you have a Heart you are God. Even stones are God. Find your Self. Your God Self. Your Higher Self. Your I AM. Don’t give your God power away. So It Is. Thank You.

  2. To what are you being invited to say AMEN?

    As one geek to another…the “AMEN” we inherited from so many places has also been used as a seal to verbal contracts and/or agreements.

    I take this in combination with:
    “….our belief in the manifestation of God described in the blessing we have just heard.”

    I believe, concur, consent and assent…I agree to participate, as well.

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