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Mary Magdalene Speaks

This weekend, my writing teacher, Prudence Tippins gave me the assignment of inviting Mary Magdalene to write me a letter.  I love the role that our creative imagination plays in our ability to listen and hear God’s truth as it seeks to be revealed in us and could whole-heartedly embrace this exercise as a tool for discerning my own higher truths.  This week’s blogs will feature portions of what Mary Magdalene “wrote” to me in my prayer.

Mary Magdalene Speaks – Part One

Dear Lauri,

Your writing teacher, Prudence Tippins invited you to have me write a letter to you about myself and about how I am seeking to come forth in the world.  First off….it is not and never has been about me!  It is only about God and the man, Jesus, who showed me the way home.

At the Foot of the Master

Have you ever sat at the foot of the master?  I have and it is the most indescribable feeling in the world.  I wish every man, woman and child could experience the blessing of being in the presence of Christ….but then again, they can, can’t they?  I had the great fortune of being in the physical presence of the man and for this great gift, I am humbled and grateful.  There was a presence and aura in Jesus that could only be described as pure love and an enduring peace.  Just to be in his presence, to gaze upon his face, brought you to a deep state of peaceful contentment within yourself.  But at the same time, his presence seemed to stir something within those who were anywhere near him.  It was as if he was a poker, stirring at the burning embers of truth within you and stirring them into a vibrant, powerful and blazing fire.  For many, this now stirred up inner fire was too much, they could not endure it.  They had not the courage to surrender to the flames and to be transformed from their egoic-fearful self to their original state as a joyful, loving, peaceful, co-creative child of God.  Few could handle the catalyzing influence of Jesus, the man or the transforming fire of the Spirit that poured forth out of him.  When Jesus came into my life, I was already dead so I had nothing to lose.  I surrendered to the quickening of his fire and became the woman that stands before you today.

Who is Mary, called Magdalene?

So who am I, you ask.  I am Miriam, later called Magdalene (a title meaning “Great tower of faith” ….not a surname!) and I am an Apostle of the Christ.  I am here to tell the world of the deep and enduring love of Jesus and the transforming power of the Holy Spirit that draws each and every one of us back to our Source in Oneness with God.  This, first and foremost, was Jesus’ message.  We are One with God….always have been, always will be….we just forgot.  And Jesus (one among many) came to show us the way to remembering – to  remembering our original nature as sons and daughters of God…..peaceful, content, joyful and loving and to show us the way to this remembering –  right here, right now.  The Kingdom of God is within you… Jesus so often reminded.

Mary’s Call

I have been called to help people remember Jesus’ message, to know the Jesus that I knew and to find ways to live out the truth of his message.  I have come to continue the work that Jesus began and commissioned all of his followers to continue in his stead.  Sadly, the message quickly got diluted by politics and man’s quest for power.  As a woman of that time, a gift for which I will be eternally grateful, the path of power was not available to me and posed no threat or temptation to stray from Jesus’ most authentic teachings.  The core of Jesus’ teaching was always and will always be compassion…pure and simple.  He did not come to separate, but he knew that this would be the effect.  He did not come to judge, though he knew others would twist his words for the sake of their own quest for power.  He did not condemn, but was condemned for speaking the most difficult truth for man to embrace – the truth that in the end, love is all there is.  Sadly, humans are reluctant to embrace this truth because of their own fear that this could not be true.  So, I come to continue to remind, to challenge our unbelief and to invite all of humanity to know the Jesus that I knew so that the truth of his message can be more readily received.

Watch tomorrow’s blog for Part II  🙂


Lauri Lumby

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