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Giving Honor to the Magdalene

In today’s blog, I give honor to the woman I believe BEST reflects the compassion-teachings of Christ.  Mary Magdalene….no longer prostitute or repentant sinner…but disciple, witness, apostle to the apostles, priestess, pope and beloved of Christ.  MM rocks! 

copyright Toni Carmine Salerno

I Could Not Have Said it Better!

How does one concisely describe the woman, Mary Magdalene, what she represents as a model of devotion  and what she has to teach us as we move into a new era of Christian witness?  I have written millions of words reflecting on this woman who I look to as model for my own journey.  Yesterday, I was presented with a resource that explained Mary Magdalene in a concise and direct manner, better than what I could come up with on my own.  So today, I share with you the beautiful words of artist and visionary, Toni Carmine Salerno: 

To me, Magdalene is not solely a bibilical figure; rather, she is a modern day Goddess who holds a most sacred and ancient wisdom: organic and tactile, and deeply connected to our beautiful planet.  Magdalene lives eternally through present day women and she will no doubt continue to be a source of inspiration for women in generations to come.

Her wisdom is beyond words, images or concepts.  She is an archetypal spirit, soft and gentle, yet strong and unswayable.  Magdalene stands firmly in her truth, representing strength and dignity.

She assists in elevating the status of women around the globe and helps to free both men and women from the closed mind sets that have kept the true beauty, wisdom and creative essence of the feminine spirit from fully emerging. 

The Magdalene stands proud regardless of what others think of her or how they choose to label her.  For centuries there have been many who have sought to diminish her worth through lies, intimidation and even physical and emotional abuse.  Yet, in spite of this, Magdalene’s presence and influence remains.

Magdalene is the dancing Dark Goddess of gentle strength and authority, bearer of infinite compassion.  She is the healer of the wounded feminine, healing the desolate places of the heart, where lie the issues of abaondonment and betrayal which all women (and men) carry.  She holds up to them the mirror of their true nature, in which they will see themselves reflected in all their beauty and power and thereby step into their wholeness.

In My Own Words

If (for those of Christian orientation), Jesus is “the Way,” then Mary Magdalene is the map.  She shows us the way to compassion and oneness through her attentive devotion to her Rabbouni (teacher), her generous and compassionate service and her brave and daring witness.  Against societal norms and in spite of the protestations of her fellow disciples, she stood boldly in the truths that were revealed to her and she stayed true to what Jesus had shown her and taught her.  In short….Mary Magdalene rocks!

What does Mary Magdalene represent to you?

How can you look to Mary Magdalene as a model of Christian witness?

How are you being invited to stand in your truth, in spite of the protests of those around you?

Lauri Lumby

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