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Casting the Spell

As we move and grow along our spiritual path, we frequently come to forks in the road…places where we are invited to accept a new call, re-direct our focus, embrace an intention.  Ritualizing this moment of transition through prayer, statements of intention, ritual, even “casting a spell” can help to solidify our intentions and assist their manifestation in our lives.


Do you believe in Magic?

Last Friday, I attended a writer’s retreat facilitated by author and teacher, Julie Tallard Johnson.  The retreat culminated in a closing ritual in which each participant was invited to write for themselves a prayer, a statement of intention, a “spell,” that invited spiritual support, clearly expressed our intention for the next leg in our life’s path, and set that intention to go out into the world.  While “spell” might not be the language of some people, what we were reminded was that a spell in nothing more than a prayer or a statement of intention.  By whatever word we call it, calling in Divine assistance, clearly stating our intentions and giving public witness to these intentions through ritual and words can be a powerful tool for making our intentions real.  Having been raised Catholic, “spells” are quite familiar to me and language I understand and can believe in.  If the priest can make the bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ through the invocation of a few “magic” words, why would the results of my own prayer be any less magical?  (Did you know the words “hocus pocus” actually came from the latin mass, “HOC EST ENIM CORPUS MEUM” and is part of the Eucharistic prayer?)

Giving Magic its Voice

Knowing how powerful public witness can be to the realization of our intentions, hopes and dreams, I humbly beg your audience, while I share with you my ritual, my spell, my prayer and intention for this next leg of my life’s path:

I welcome the loving support of Yeshua, the Christ and his beloved companion, Miriam, called Magdalene as I humbly accept the red mantel of manifested truth.  With this mantel of truth, I boldly allow the full realization of the Divine Passion that finds its expression through me in my ministry, my writing, my life and my love.  I say yes to the abundant and generous author’s life and to the passionate fulfillment of love.

Thank you for giving witness to this “spell casting” and for your support in the fulfillment of this intention.


Exercise:  I would invite you to spend some time in quiet reflection, allowing yourself to be open to the Divine intention for your own journey.  Where is God calling you to freely and openly share your gifts and what is the direction of your life that the Divine might reveal as in your highest good?  After allowing this to be revealed, write your own “spell” or statement of intention and prayer…asking for the Divine assistance you might need to help make this happen.

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries



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