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Voices in Your Head Part III

We are continuing our discussion on the voices in our heads – the battle that goes on in our minds between the false-self/ego and our true self.  We have been focusing on the voice of the ego and how it works to keep us from our path, how to recognize that voice and some of the ways it speaks to us.  Today we explore the warrior-like attitude that is sometimes required to quiet the voice of the ego so that we can hear the soft whisperings of our truth as it tries to be heard.

I Am The Warrior

While teaching session five of my Authentic Freedom class last night, the discussion moved to the question of “easy.”  “It isn’t always easy making the right choice,” was the comment that came up.  First off, there is no “right” choice or even “wrong” choice for that matter….all choices eventually lead us to our truth (if not in this lifetime, maybe in the next).  All choices are food for growth.  That being said…NO it is NOT EASY hearing the voice of truth, and it is even harder to stand in our truth.  In fact, naming, exploring, discerning, nurturing, cultivating and ultimately claiming and standing firmly in our truth is quite often the hardest thing to do.  In order to stand in our truth, we sometimes need to embrace the stance of a warrior – boldly defending what we know to be true for ourselves regardless of the “consequences.”  And yes, there will be consequences.

The Spoils of the Battle

Why is listening to the voice of our truth and then choosing its path so dang hard?  Because in saying “no” to the voice of the ego, we are often saying no to someone else’s expectatation, societal “shoulds”, tribal rules and regulations (tribal meaning whatever you consider to be your “tribe” – family, church, community, etc.).  In saying no to the voice of the ego and saying yes to our truth, we are stepping out of the line in which our society says we need to remain,  “why can’t she just toe the line?”   The difficult reality is that in choosing the path of our truth, people will reject us, we will suffer ridicule, criticism, we might be cut off from our tribe, banished, etc.  This is why the path of truth is not for the faint of heart and why it requires the attitude of a warrior.  However, it is only in choosing our truth that we shall ever hope to be free in this lifetime.  It is the path of truth that allows us to transcend the suffering of the human condition and find contentment and peace.  

A Warrior’s Weapons

The good news is that in the battle for our souls, on the pathway to hearing, naming, discerning, nurturing and ultimately choosing our truth, we have some really great weapons at our disposal.  And…the warrior’s weapons are the strongest and the most enduring, far beyond anything the ego can dish out because……the warrior’s weapons come from God.  (or your own soul….whatever you want to name it!)   And these weapons are:

  • Prayer (including meditation, contemplation, creative endeavors, time outdoors, mindfulness practices, movement practices, chanting, etc. etc. etc. )
  • Teachers – people who have gone before us on the journey of truth and left behind teachings to guide us.  (Jesus, the Buddha, Moses, Mohammed, Yogananda, etc. etc. etc. )
  • Self-nurturing and self-care practices (good nutrition, exercise, massage, Reiki, counseling, spiritual direction, etc.)
  • People to help us (counselors, spiritual directors, healers, etc.)

When we take the time to cultivate a regular spiritual practice, take care of ourselves and seek outside support, we really have all the tools we need to stand boldly in the journey of our truth.  And…..there is one more tool that I use that has helped me in this battle.

Brandishing our Sword

As we move toward embracing our truth, the ego will always step up its efforts.  As we embrace our truth, parts of our ego must die and it certainly does NOT want to die.  So…it fights us….insidiously through our deepest doubts, fears and insecurities.  When I recognize the ego as it peeks up its ugly head trying to make me doubt my path, my truth, my hopes, I pull out my own version of Excalibur.  On my Excalibur, I have engraved the words used by my teacher, Jesus, when he was tempted by power, doubts, fear, “Get behind me Satan.”  I brandish my Excalibur and scream, “GET BEHIND ME SATAN,”  cutting away the ropes of my own fears and doubts with which the ego desires to imprison me.  Now remember, I’m not talking about the dude in the red leotard and tights with pitchfork in hand…I’m talking about the ego as the “adversary” or “obstacle” for it is this which ultimately destroys our soul. 

What are the tools that you have used to keep you strong on the path of your own truth?

What additional tools might you gather around yourself in support of your journey?

What does your warrior look like?

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries


I am a trained, professional Spiritual Director, Author and Hands-on Healer. I offer services, programs and classes that empower you to hear the voice of the Divine that speaks from within you. It is the voice of the Divine that leads us to our highest truth, to the discovery and cultivation of our gifts and to a life of Authentic Freedom where we know contentment, compassion and joy. Your truth will set you free!

2 thoughts on “Voices in Your Head Part III

  1. Ooohh…Ego…one of my favorite topics. Please let me contribute the yogic perspective on ego. Ego is part of mind. Mind consists of Manas (sensory perception) Ahamkara (ego) Chitta (storehouse of all previous experiences, including past lives) and Buddhi (intelligence or the decision maker). When we have an experience, it enters through the manas, is filtered through the Ahamkara and Chitta before it reaches Buddhi. Beyond Buddhi is Purusha (True Self). If our ego is strong and our chitta is not diffused, then our perception is cloudy. In essence, we don’t get a clear reflection of the world around us. Likewise, our Purusha can not shine out through the fog of ego and chitta. Practices like yoga, meditation, and selfless service don’t eliminate ego and chitta as much as diffuse their power. (An important disclaimer: the wrong yoga practice can feed ego. Ego is a VERY BIG PROBLEM in the American yoga community.) We could not live if we did not have ego, we have a human form and ego is necessary for us to exist as an individual. The questions I find useful as I self reflect are: Are you in control of your mind? If not, then what is your relationship to it? What part of your mind is in the way of your light shining outward? And Lauri, you are so right to speak of teachers who help illuminate the path, by having traveled it themselves!

    1. Heidi,
      GREAT reminder. I will blog about this tomorrow. Why we are not ridding ourselves of the ego, but learning to transcend it. We need the ego to survive in human form, and it is its fearful voice that keeps us from knowing the peace and joy that are our original nature. The goal is of course “no goal”, but we can certainly find a better balance between being human and being divine! thanks!

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