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Voices in Your Head Part II

Today’s blog continues the exploration of the voices in our head.  How do we distinguish the voice of the ego from the voice of truth and what is the price of ignoring our highest truth in favor of the voice of the ego?  


The Ego as a Protector

A comment to yesterday’s post brought forth a good point.  “The ego keeps us safe, but in order to keep us safe, we have to get smaller and smaller…”  How true this is.  Her comment is a good reminder that we are quick to judge the ego and the words it feeds us.  As children and growing adults, the ego sometimes serves a very important role as a type of “defense mechanism” that allows us to survive our childhoods.  Since 99.9% of us grow up in some sort of dysfunction, the ego steps in to help us learn the “rules” of the roost and helps us know how to keep our vulnerable and tender truest self safe and unharmed.  The problem is not in the defense mechanism itself, but is in the way we continue to use these tools when they are no longer needed.  As we become adults, we have the opportunity to make different choices and to choose new behaviors that allow us to transcend the dysfunction of our past and create a new path for ourselves so that our truest self can be discovered and nurtured into growth and maturity.  The ego, in an of itself isn’t bad, but the question we must ask ourselves as adults is “Does this ‘safe-keeping’ voice in my head still serve my highest good?”  For many of us, the answer to this question is, “NO!”

No Means No and the Consequences when we continue to say “yes” (to the ego)

So, here is what happens to us as emotionally, spiritually and mentally maturing adults when we continue to listen to the voice of the ego in our heads.  WE STOP GROWING.  But here is the rub.  While we continue to listen to the voice of the fearful, small-minded ego, our spirit continues to grow – or tries to anyway.  It is as if we are born into this world into a little box (the ego) that keeps us safe, contained, protected.  The problem is that the box of the ego does not grow as we do. So, the Spirit, expands and grows, eventually pushing on the sides of the box as it tries to emerge.  The ego keeps the Spirit contained, but it gets pretty uncomfortable as the Spirit tries to push back against the sides of the ego in its attempt at growth.  Eventually, either the Spirit is defeated, or the ego explodes, giving way to the pressure of the Spirit.  This is real and it actually happens to each and every one of us when we resist the growth of the Spirit/our highest truth.  And how does it come out?

  • As the Spirit begins to outgrow the ego it first comes out in restlessnes which turns to anxiety and if we ignore both of these and still refuse to set aside the ego in favor of the Spirit…..  PANIC ATTACK
  • If we ignore the Spirit completely and give into the ego, DEPRESSION, Despair, listlessness, we have given up, we quit, our spirit has been defeated.

Ego or Truth?  The Choice is Yours

Is this really what we want?  As an adult, the price of saying yes to the ego is pretty steep…and the price is no less than the price of our soul. When we forsake our Spirit in favor of the voice that we think keeps us safe (the ego), we die.  We die to our truth.  We die to our soul’s purpose.  We die to our reason for being here.  And we suffer for making this choice…we suffer depression, anxiety, despair, panic, loneliness, purposelessness.  We have bargained our soul for the illusion of safety.  What we have forgotten (or never been given permission to believe) is that when we heed the call of our Inner Spirit, our Truth, our Purpose, this is the path to true safety.  When we tend to this inner voice and discover the truth within, here we find peace, joy, contentment and love….and more importantly, we discover that the source of this safety is right here within us and it has been there all along. 

The Warrior’s Call

All that being said, the path to our highest truth, our soul’s purpose, peace, contentment and joy IS NOT an easy path.  While the path of continuing to heed the voice of the ego is not easy by any stretch of the imagination…it is FAMILIAR.  We know it.  It is predictable.  It is habitual, familiar and, in many ways,  the easiest choice.  The path of the truth, is the harder choice.  It is unfamiliar.  It is not habit.  We don’t know it and we don’t know its outcome (we can hope, but ultimately, we don’t know because the path of truth requires we let go of our ATTACHMENT TO OUTCOME…and our NEED TO PREDICT and CONTROL things.  ARGH!).  In the end, the path of truth requires a warrior’s heart.  So, if you think you might be ready to accept the warrior’s call and embark upon the journey of embracing your truth and transcending the ego…stay tuned tomorrow for the tools you will need to complete (or simply begin) your task! 

What were the words of the ego that you needed to survive your childhood?

How has the ego served you in a good way?

How is the voice of the ego starting to hold you back?

Where have you experienced depression, anxiety, despair for choosing ego over truth?

Have you given yourself permission to listen to your truth?

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