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Awakening to our Greatness

Continuing the discussion of our shadow…..what are the gifts that we hide, suppress, repress because we are afraid of our own GREATNESS?????   Let’s see what Steven Tyler has to say.  🙂



Dream On!

Yesterday I introduced you to some of the many aspects of my own shadow.  When I introduced you to Stevie (my inner rock and roll diva wanna be), I forgot to tell you her name is also STEVEN – as in the ONE AND ONLY……Steven Tyler!!!!!   Well, Steven was not to be left in the dust as he showed up in my dreams last night with not just one….but many messages for me to ponder.  But in order to interpret Steven’s appearance….first I have to explore who and what he represents for me. 

Sweet Emotion

I know this is simply a matter of personal opinion and preference……BUT  Steven Tyler ranks #1 for me as the greatest Rock’n Roll front man OF ALL TIME!!!!!!   Robert Plant would win if we were voting on voice alone, Mick Jaggar for swagger, Axl Rose for creative diversity….and Maleficent wants to weigh in with her vote for David Draiman (Disturb’s frontman).  But, as the frontman for Aerosmith….Steven Tyler has it ALL in one magnificent package!  He has the voice.  He has the swagger.  He has more rock’n roll style than all of the above combined.  He is a creative genius, meticulous perfectionist, consumate performer and he is just plain HOT!!!!!   I want his clothes.  I want his voice.  I want his hair (ok, I kinda already do).  And, I want those amazing lips all over…..(oops, sorry, I got a little carried away!)  😉  Steven Tyler is the man!   And, apparently he felt a little left out yesterday as I only mentioned the feminine archetype for my inner diva. 

Big Ten Inch

So, because Steven decided to show up in my dreams, does it mean I’m supposed to pick up that 10 inch microphone (what did you think I was going to say?????) and resurrect my long-ago set aside dreams of being a rock star.  UMMMM….probably not.  While I did spend a fair amount of time as a youth singing in choirs, honing my vocal skills, etc. and at one time my voice was probably a little better than average… 46, and mostly unused vocal muscles, my voice is probably average at best and who wants to see a 46 year old mother of 2 belting it out on the stage?  Sorry….we’ll leave that one to the kids.  HOWEVER……there is something very important that it seems Steven wants me to do.


The thing that I admire most about Steven Tyler is the drive that keeps him always in the spotlight.  He was born to be the front man, the voice, the face of rock n roll.  He is all about “The look.”  And, it sure seems (which is confirmed in his autobiography), that beyond all other motivation is the call to be up front.  And…he does it like no other.  He doesn’t shy away from stardom, attention (good or bad) or being perceived as a man of authority.  In fact, he seems to revel in it.  This is where Steven and I differ (among other things!).  While this may shock you, I really don’t like attention.  I get really squirmy and uncomfortable when the spotlight is on me and I’m not very good at waving the flag of my own accomplishments…..or my own greatness for that matter.  Yes, I have learned to be outgoing, but in truth, I am a HUGE introvert and would really prefer to hide out in my own home than be seen in public in any sort of situation where all eyes are on me (ahem…like a book release party) or where I have to be “on.”  Case in point….there are all these 11×17 posters hanging around Oshkosh with my big fat head on them advertising my upcoming book release party.  I knew these were the right images for marketing purposes…..but they make me feel SO CONSPICUOUS!!!!!   My introvert wants to hide her head and run whenever I have to walk past one of these posters (which are really hard to avoid if you frequent the 400 block of downtown Oshkosh!).  This is where Steven wants to give me a little help! 

Back in the Saddle Again

And here is Steven’s message for me in a nutshell:

  • Embrace your greatness
  • Be the frontman (or woman)
  • Don’t shy away from attention
  • Let your light shine for all to see
  • Shake your moneymaker! 
  • Belt it out!
  • Sing your song!
  • Strut your stuff

You get the picture!  Thanks Steven….YOU ARE MY IDOL!  (no pun intended)  

PS…..I wouldn’t want Joe (as in Perry) to feel left out.  I love you man!!!!  After Jimmys Page and Hendrix….you are the BEST rock’n roll guitarist of all time!   And you are hot as heck!  Love ya!

Where are you hiding your own greatness?

How are you being invited to STRUT YOUR STUFF???

Lauri Lumby

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