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Saying Yes to What God Gives Me

On the path of spiritual growth and enlightenment, we are called to move away from resistance and toward a receptive posture of surrender.  How can we look at the things we would otherwise consider challenging, or something we would choose to reject and instead offer a heart-felt YES!?  We might be surprised at how this simple word can change our lives. 

Words from Nowhere

Last Thursday I had a session with my Spiritual Director who just so happens to also be a Healing Touch Therapy practitioner.  The beauty of this is that not only do I get the gift of Spiritual Direction, but I get to follow it up with a nurturing and healing session of Healing Touch.  YUMMY!  Before starting the Healing Touch session, my Spiritual Director always asks, “What is your intention for this healing?”  Usually my answer is “Openness” or “Surrender” – something that has some sort of action to it.  She asked me the question and before I even had a chance to think I heard the answer coming out of my mouth, “YES.”  My Spiritual Director and I looked at each other with startled looks on our faces,  “Yes?”  What the heck does that mean?  But who are we to question words that come out of nowhere, so we decided to go with it.

A Basket of Fortune Cookie Wisdom

After a relaxing and rejuvenating hour of Healing Touch, my Spiritual Director always closes the session with the Basket of Fortune Cookie Wisdom.  Inside the basket are hundreds of little pieces of paper folded up with inspirational messages inside.  I reached my hand into the basket….and this is what I drew:

Let me have new energy.  Let me have a new sense of purpose.  Let me know that I am on this earth to serve.  Let me not feel guilty about the expression of my power.  Let me no longer play small, regardless of other people’s reactions to me when I play big.

– Marianne Williamson

After reading this words, a big spark of celebration rose up within me and I did a little “YES” dance….YES YES YES YES YES….I say YES to all of this.  So perhaps this is what the “Yes” that preceded the Healing Touch meant.  Ha….I should know better than to think that would be all.  Too easy.  Too simple.  Too direct.

The Words that Haunt Me

This all started on a Thursday and while I thought it might just be a simply yes to Marianne Williamson’s words, God had the last word.  The invitation to “YES” would not leave me alone.  It haunted my waking and sleeping hours.  I accompanied me to my daughter’s choir performance, it joined me at the grocery store.  “ALRIGHT ALREADY….WHAT DO YOU WANT?”  I asked that darn yes.  The reply?

Say YES to what God gives you.

Then I fell to my knees.  As allowed myself to HEAR these words, I felt their energy pierce the crown of my head and shoot all the way through my body, bringing me (figuratively) to my knees.  I felt humbled, awestruck and overwhelmed by the enormity of this invitation.  Say yes to what God gives me.  AND THAT MEANS EVERYTHING!!!!!!

What a difference a shift makes

Everything!  Say yes to EVERYTHING God gives me.  Say yes to a failed marriage.  Say yes to grieving children.  Say yes to kids fighting their heads off.  Say yes to my bitchy moods when my kids are at each others’ throats.  Say yes to loss.  Say yes to death.  Say yes to disease.  Say yes to depression, anxiety, panic attacks.  Say yes to not having a regular paycheck.  Say yes to having to trust in God to provide.  Say yes to the failure of capitalism, the Church, government, corporate power and greed, (ok, these are kinda easy to say yes to.)  Say yes to co-dependency (ARGH!).  Etc. etc. etc.   It is easy to say yes to the “good” things in life, but is God really asking me to say “Yes” to the things I want to reject, purge from my body, work toward healing and ridding myself of.  It seems the answer is “YES.”  SIGH!

Yes as a posture of surrender and trust

“Yes” doesn’t mean we lay here like a victim and allow the world to trample us.  It is really more about accepting a posture of radical surrender and trust.  Can I greet the things in life that I would normally resist with an attitude and posture of welcome?  Can I look at my depression and anxiety when they show up and say, “Welcome, I know you are here as something that will ultimately prove to work toward my highest good.  I will not reject you, but hold you in a space of quiet acceptance and trust.  Also knowing, this too shall pass.”  What a difference this tiny shift in perception can make.  Can we greet a diagnosis, a loss and betrayal with the same kind of acceptance?   While we don’t have to like the diagnosis, can we hold it in a place of silent trusting….that something larger is at work….something that will ultimately serve as a vehicle of growth and transformation?  While we instinctively want to say, “HELL NO,” it seems that we are being invited to explore the possibility of “YES” and see how it might transform our lives.  I’m going to try it on for awhile and see what happens.

What are the things in your life that are easy to say yes to?

What are the things you like to reject, resist, would like to say “no” to?

How are you being invited to try on “Yes” for awhile?

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries


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