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Rapture Part II

Today’s post is a little humor to go along with the pending predictions of the rapture, judgment day, the end of the world…all of which are predicted to happen tomorrow – May 21, 2011. 

Apparently Fear gets your Attention

Now I am the one who has to laugh at the human fascination with fear, most especially, end of the world prophecies.  Yesterday’s post was in regards to Harold Camping and his prediction of May 21 (tomorrow) being judgment day.  It isn’t his prophecy that is funny…it is the fact that my blog traffic quadrupled!  Apparently posts about judgment day, the rapture, the end of the world are fascinating to us humans.  This makes me laugh.  Why are we so obsessed with predicting the date of our own demise? In a word – CONTROL!

Control Freaks are We!

The irony of the human condition is that we have no control over the majority of the things that happen to us and yet, we spend our entire existence trying to control the events of our lives.  This whole fascination with the end of the world is a perfect example of just how compulsive we truly are.  For eons, human beings have been predicting the date and the event that would finally put an end to life as we know it.  Most recently, the change of the millennium in the year 2000, then the corrected date of 2001, then it has been the 2012 phenomenon and now Harold Camping’s prediction of tomorrow.  And the events?  Anything from comets, to meteors, to nuclear holocausts, to global warming, to a shift in the poles or the world changing its axis to massive earthquakes.  In response to the truth that we have no control over our lives, we have resorted to trying to control our life through our very death.  We really are a sick and twisted species!  🙂  Apparently we find some semblance of perceived security when we think we know the date and method of our death.  Weird!

Surrender Dorothy

The harsh and challenging truth is that we have no control over our lives, neither do we have control of the day, time or events leading to our death.  While this may strike fear in the hearts of many, the greatest irony is that it is only in surrendering to this truth that we shall find peace.  Peace in the unknown and in surrendering to our lack of control….YOU BETCHA!!!!!   The largest part of spiritual journey is letting go of our need to control and to surrender to the natural flow of our lives….AND our inevitable death.

When the Rapture Comes! (just kidding)

So, what good does it do us to anticipate, predict, prepare for the rapture?  NO GOOD AT ALL!  If the rapture actually happens, we’ll all be dead anyway….so why not just enjoy the day for what it is?  Appreciate the sunshine (if it actually shows up).  Hug those you love.  Enjoy a fresh, hot cup of coffee.  Make mad, passionate love to your partner.  Watch a great movie.  Listen to the sounds of birds singing and dogs barking.  Enjoy the day for what it gives you and let God take care of the rest.

Funny Songs as we enjoy tomorrow’s Rapture!  🙂

Then, just for fun….here are a few funny songs to accompany our journey through the rapture:

Rapture (Blondie)

The End (The Doors)

It’s the End of the World as We Know it (REM)

Age of Aquarius (Fifth Dimension)

And….if Harold Camping is right and Judgment Day is tomorrow, thereby ushering in the end of the world….I will look forward to seeing you on the other side!  🙂

Lauri Lumby

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