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The God’s Have Spoken

Last Friday, I put God and my God Squad on notice.  Yesterday, I got their response.  A Humbling reminder for one who claims to assist others on the path of spiritual growth and enlightenment.

The God’s Have Spoken!

Last Friday, I shared with you my Rantings on the Divine.  In essence, I told my God-Squad to “Step up or Step off!”  I was tired of being sick, tired of being afraid and tired of feeling helpless and without help and support from the Divine helpers that are supposed to be doing just that….HELPING!  I wasn’t sure what response, if any I would get to my teenage-like temper tantrum…..but I knew I needed to tell my Divine helpers how I was feeling.  Well… was their response as it was delivered to me in the middle of yoga class yesterday (Sunday) morning:

“Lauri, you know that everything will be alright.

(I had to admit that I DO know this…in the deepest place of truth inside my heart!)

The source of your anxiety and worry is the “how.”  You are worrying

about and seeking after the “how” everything will be ok.

Lauri, the “how” is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!

The “how” is our job, and we are working on it, all for your highest good

and for the highest good of your family.

So, relax in the knowledge that everything will be alright

and let us take care of the how.”


Well, there you have it!  I sure cannot argue with these words delivered directly to my mind and my heart by none other than the very God-Squad I gave notice to on Friday.  So, the Gods have spoken and I am listening (and humbled!)


A Teacher’s Irony

So, here is the irony.  As I received these words in the middle of yoga class yesterday, The Authentic Freedom principles that I received from this very God-squad and now share with my clients and students and will be revealed in detail in my upcoming book, Authentic Freedom- Claiming a Life of Contentment and Joy (coming out this April!!!!!) came flooding into my awareness.  The seven spiritual fears, the core wound, the seven sacred truths all came rushing at me.  DUH!!!!!  I was shoulder deep in every one of the seven spiritual fears and had forgotten to go to the very tools that I teach and invite my students to utilize when they are in similar states of fear, despair, hopelessness.  Consider the teacher humbled!  Apparently, I still have much to learn (which is a good thing…because if I didn’t think I had more to learn, I probably shouldn’t be teaching anyone!!!!).


The Trickster

As I reflected on the Authentic Freedom principles and how I had been indulging the fears and the process through which I found comfort (by admitting I couldn’t do it alone and needed HELP!), I then heard the words of one of my teachers, Julie Tallard Johnson ringing in my ears. In her book, The Wheel of Initiation, Julie speaks of the role of the Trickster (temptation) in our journey of spiritual awakening.  The Trickster shows up as anxiety, fear, restlessness, guilt, despair, hopelessness, etc. and makes us think that things are bad when in fact they are REALLY REALLY GOOD!  The Trickster shows up to tempt us into indulging fear instead of recognizing the magnificence that is happening.  And, I love these words that Julie offers as a means of responding to the Trickster in our midst:

“Hello Trickster, and Thank you for being here.

You would not be showing up if something beautiful weren’t happening!”


So, I guess that means that something really, really, really magnificent must be happening in my life or the Trickster would not have shown up in such a fearful, desperate, hopeless guise.  So, Trickster, thank you for showing up to remind me of the truly beautiful things are happening and will continue to happen in my life!  And thank you to my God-Squad for stepping up to remind me that I am NOT alone!  And, thank you for my spiritual sisters who have been such an amazing source of support for me as I move through this stage of spiritual growth (you know who you are!).


What are the spiritual fears that confront you on your own spiritual path?

Who is your God-squad?  When is the last time you asked them for help?

What role has the Trickster played in your spiritual journey?

Who are your human sources of spiritual support and love?


Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries



I am a trained, professional Spiritual Director, Author and Hands-on Healer. I offer services, programs and classes that empower you to hear the voice of the Divine that speaks from within you. It is the voice of the Divine that leads us to our highest truth, to the discovery and cultivation of our gifts and to a life of Authentic Freedom where we know contentment, compassion and joy. Your truth will set you free!