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Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost, Holy Cow!

Today I offer some thoughts on the Holy Spirit.  How can we come to understand this third-person of the Trinity?

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In Christian Theology, the Divine (God) is understood to exist as three “persons” in one – Father (Creator), Son (Redeemer) and Holy Spirit.  Much has been written about the first two persons of the Trinity, but little has been offered around the idea of the Holy Spirit except an invitation to accept this Divine Mystery.  The good news is that the idea of the Holy Spirit is not unique to Christianity as other spiritual traditions have explored, conceptualized and given names for this elusive person of the Trinity:  Prana, Chi, Ki, Energy, Great Spirit, Breath, Ruah, Shekinah, Kundalini.  In the end, the Holy Spirit (by any other name) is the invisible aspect of the Divine that cannot be observed, but only experienced.  So, here are a few of my own personal thoughts on the Holy Spirit and how we can begin to connect with this dynamic energy more consciously:

The Holy Spirit is the undetectable potential within an acorn, a sunflower seed, a grain of wheat, a mustard seed that makes the seed, when given proper nourishment, safety, sunlight into the oak tree, sunflower, stalk of wheat, mustard bush, etc.

The Holy Spirit is our breath.

The Holy Spirit is the invisible potential within each one of us that provokes us, compels us, leads us, entices us to come to know ourselves more fully and that moves us towards becoming the fullness of our human potential.

The Holy Spirit is that which speaks to our hearts and moves us toward awe and wonder through music, art, architecture, literature, the beauty of nature, etc.

The Holy Spirit is the invisible force within us that causes us to grow, to shed skin cells, to renew our physical bodies.

The Holy Spirit is the source of inspiration within us that leads us toward wisdom, understanding and knowledge.

The Holy Spirit is what makes us weep in the face of tragedy and sing for joy in the presence of awesomeness.

The Holy Spirit is what drives our intuition, our creativity and our imagination.

The Holy Spirit is that which draws us to desire peace, joy, compassion and love.

The Holy Spirit IS LOVE.

The Holy Spirit IS PEACE.

The Holy Spirit is JOY.

The Holy Spirit is CREATIVITY.

The Holy Spirit is ENTHUSIASM.

The Holy Spirit is EMPOWERMENT.

The Holy Spirit is GRACE.

The Holy Spirit is COMFORT.

The Holy Spirit is HEALING.

The Holy Spirit is TRANSFORMATION.

I think that is a good start.  Now, to give you an opportunity to have a personal experience of the Holy Spirit!  This is an exercise I share with those that have taken my class, Called to Freedom.  In this exercise you are invited to listen to the following piece of classical music (Panis Angelicus as sung by Andrea Bocelli): .  As you listen to this piece, I invite you to listen not to the notes, but to pay attention to the movement of the music, the movement between the notes.  Allow yourself to feel the energy and movement of this piece with your heart, your mind and your body.  Do you feel it?  THAT is the Holy Spirit!

Lauri Lumby

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