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Calling all Reinforcements

Today, I will address the issue of spiritual obstacles and remedies to those inner things that block our progress, growth, healing and most importantly, the manifestation of our dreams.


In this pit of overwhelm in which I have found myself, it is easy to get lost in despair, hopelessness and frustration.  I have certainly spent my fair share of time in each of these states – especially of late.  Today, while sitting down to meditation, it struck me that I had forgotten to call in the reinforcements! 

One of the fears that we are most likely to indulge during times of challenge and frustration is the fear that we are alone.  We forget the ultimate spiritual truth – the truth of Oneness with God, with eachother and with all creation – and that includes spiritual entities that are here simply as sources of support for us in this strange thing we call life.  While it may seems so at times, we are NEVER ALONE!  We are never without sources of support – reinforcements of strength, guidance, assistance, etc. 

In the Christian pantheon, some of my favorite sources of support are of course, Jesus and Mary Magdalene, Michael the Archangel and Joan of Arc (the latter two are especially helpful during times of intense internal struggle).  In the Hindu pantheon, my favorite go-to aspect of the Divine during times of spiritual blockage is Ganesh – the overcomer of all obstacles.  It was to Ganesh that my attention was drawn this morning.  Ganesh, as one aspect of the One God, is depicted as an elephant.  It is his job to plow through and destroy the spiritual obstacles that are blocking our path so that our way is made clear.  The way the past week has gone, I felt I had to call in the heavy hitters – and there is nothing more heavy than Ganesh!  So I welcomed the clearing energy of the Divine through the image of the bejeweled elephant to clear away the obstacles that currently stand in my way. 

As I chanted the name of Ganesh and imagined him plowing through obstacles and making a clear path for me, it suddenly dawned on me that I too can be a clearer of obstacles.  How had I forgotten the tools that I have been given as a Healer to be vessel through which God’s healing and clearing support could be made manifest in the world?  Had I forgotten that I could ask God to use me to heal my own spiritual blocks and any other blocks that seemingly stood in my way?  Apparently I had.  I immediately accepted this invitation to be a vehicle for my own healing and clearing and visualized before me all those things that I saw as standing in my way – financial obstacles, physical obstacles, mental obstacles, unhealed wounds, spiritual obstacles.  I imagined all these things and allowed God’s healing and releasing energy to move through me and around those perceived obstacles.  I simply sat in this state of holding space for healing and release to take place and as is always the case when I am in the role of healer, I let go of any attachment to outcome and intended that the healing take place all for the higher good.  I cannot say as yet what the outcome of this healing will be, but I can say that inside myself I felt more peaceful, patient, trusting, hopeful and empowered.  What a difference it makes when we allow ourselves to be open to the support that is around us at all times.


My invitation for you today is to examine your own life.  What obstacles are you currently facing.  How can you allow yourself to be a vessel through which Divine healing and release can be unleashed upon these obstacles so that you path can once again be made clear? 


And I offer a prayer of gratitude to the Divine in the aspect of destroyer of obstacles as I am freed and released from any obstacles that have been healed and any that still remain.  Click on this link for a version of the Ganesh Mantra as sung by Wah!

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries



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