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Song of the Beloved – on the Feast of Mary Magdalene

On the Feast of Mary Magdalene, I share with you this excerpt from the book, Song of the Beloved, by Lauri Lumby copyright 2010) 


Over two thousand years have passed since the events of that life and still my heart aches. How can one express without profound sorrow the experience of knowing the truth of love and sharing that with another human being, only to have it ripped from your hands?  This love of which I speak is the love of my beloved, Yeshua bar Yosef.   Many tales have been told of the romance we did or did not share.  Whether or not we were married and bore children is immaterial.  What matters is the love that radiated from the deepest core of his being and how in his presence, you knew without a doubt that you were not only loved, but the very essence of love itself.  This was the love that healed and brought comfort to those who were open to receiving it.  This was the love that compelled men and women to leave their former lives behind to follow him.  And this I did without hesitation! 

Words simply cannot express the unique ability of Yeshua, my beloved, to ignite the flame of love that lay dormant in man’s soul.  Through his words, his touch, his very presence, he acted as a mirror showing those with eyes to see, the truth of their Divine and loving nature. In Yeshua’s presence, we were empowered to remember that we are the beloved sons and daughters of God.  It was this awareness that brought the peace and joy that we all hunger for.  The true miracle of Yeshua is that his love transcends the physical death he suffered 2000 years hence.  It is this transcendent love that has enabled me to go on, in spite of the sword that pierced my heart on the day of his death. It is through Yeshua’s transcendent love that I now understand the words he offered as comfort to me all those many times:

“Mary, do not be afraid.  I am with you always, even until the end of time.”


Only in his death have I come to understand the powerful truth of these words.  So while the loss of his physical presence has caused me great sorrow, I am filled each day with the joy of experiencing the fullness of his loving presence. Yeshua’s presence has healed me, given me comfort, guided my steps and led me to truth.  It is for this reason that he has come, not to me alone, but for the whole world – that we may all know peace.  It is for the sake of this truth that I bare my heart and my soul and proclaim the song of my beloved. 

Blessed be!

Mary, of the house of Lazarus, called Magdalene 

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries


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