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Who's got your back? – Blessings from the ancestors!

Today I am mindful of the presence and blessings that we receive from those who have gone before us – ancestors, loved ones, friends who have passed away.  I was reminded of this gift and knew that I was receiving a special blessing yesterday when I had a “coincidental” encounter with 4 children (3 by birth, one by marriage) of a special friend of mine who passed away in 1997. 

This special friend was an older gentleman (in his 60’s) who I had come to know through his children.  He was a great man with a John Wayne swagger and a heart the size of Texas.  This is the one person I have known in my life that was truly free of judgement.  He could sit down and have a beer with the local homeless person or the local royalty and both would know they were accepted, listened to and honored for who and what they were.  I developed a special fondness for this man when I found myself unemployed and he generously (along with the help of his sons), created a position for me in their company.  Working for “Papa Bill” was like working with my own father.  There was absolutely no question that whatever the situation, Bill had your back.  I recall a particularly difficult situation with a client that I brought to Bill for counsel.  He immediately picked up the phone, read the client the riot act and told him exactly how he was “to treat my girls.”  From that day forward this formerly difficult client treated me with respect and consideration.  Papa Bill had my back. 

Well, yesterday, I acutely felt the presence of Papa Bill as I somehow through coincidence ran into four of his kids.  As each one showed up throughout the course of the day, (mind you, many of these kids I have not seen or heard from in months…and it is not common for me to just run into them on the street)  I was sure I heard Bill reminding me from his eternal resting place that he still had my back.  I offered up a prayer of acknowledgment and gratitude and felt a wave of peace wash over me knowing that Papa Bill was somehow watching out for me and was working some sort of magic that facilitated these connections with his kids. 

In the Authentic Freedom process, we are reminded of the truth of Oneness.  Each of us are intimately linked in our connection to the Divine and to Divine love.  This is true of these who are here in physical form and in those who have passed through this life to the next dimension.  This truth invites to us remember that we are NEVER alone.  This Divine encounter with Papa Bill reminded me of this truth and helped me to feel safe and secure in the knowledge that there are those who are here to help and support us on the physical plane and on the spiritual plane, there are those who still have our back! 

Lauri Lumby

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