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Monkey Mind and Miracles

Monkey Mind:  The universe must be in a state of dynamic change as my mind is awhirl with creative thoughts, ideas, visions, etc.  My brain is busy fixing, repairing and redecorating the house I do not even yet possess, nor are the funds currently available to pursue purchase of said house.  I’m busy planning, plotting, exploring, imagining, dreaming up ideas for my business, website, book release, etc. etc. etc.   As a meditator, this constant activity in my mind can serve as a cause for frustration and restlessness as I find meditation to be nearly impossible.  Yes, I’m setting aside the time, listening to my Kirtan music and trying to enter into the silence.  Silence?????  YEA!  Right!  Apparently there is no room for silence in this highly creative time of transformation and change.  Rather than fight against this current flow of creativity, I am reminded today of the invitation to indulge.  When our interior and universal energies are in a place of creativity and transformation, sometimes all we can do is indulge this drive.  Dance.  Sing.  Draw.  Cook. Garden.  Drum.  In whatever form, the energy of transformation sometimes just needs to be engaged.  So… I will look for the ways I can engage in rather than resist this dynamic energy of change. 

Now that I have given voice to the monkey that is chattering away in my brain….now I turn to talk of Miracles… 


Miracles:   As I have entered into this opportunity to stand more fully in my truth (through this process of divorce), I have been ever-mindful of the many miracles that are happening and continue to happen.  The easiest thing in this process is to doubt – doubt the decision, doubt the process, doubt the outcome.  It is very easy to fall into fear – fear about money, are we making the right choice, how will it all turn out, will I be able to support my family, how will the kids be, etc. etc. etc.  It is the miracles that have surfaced through this process that have kept me hopeful and have served as reminders that in this journey I am not alone, in fact, it seems that I am being Divinely guided, protected and watched out for.  Today, I give thanks for the miracles!  And… is a small sampling of the miracles that have surfaced since agreeing to stand more fully in my truth and embrace the divorce that seems necessary to this process:

  • intuitive guidance about when and how to enter into the divorce process including the decision to go against the guidance and directions of the local pro-se office (and thank God we followed ourt intuition, otherwise we would not have access to any of our money to even consider looking for and buying another home.)
  • A good friend who is a mortgage broker and who is working fearlessly and furiously to help us access these funds.
  • Creative inspiration about how to finance a new home
  • Prayerful consolations during times of fear and overwhelm
  • My first international client which led to a whole new expansive vision about how to grow my business
  • The grace to complete technological advances to help facilitate this professional expansion  (Please note that I am not technologically inclined)
  • The courage to finally pursue professional assistance through a marketing consultant and the startling news that it would not cost me anywhere near the $3500.00 I had planned for this support. 
  • Along the same line…..the gratitude for the intuitive awareness that hit me YEARS ago that the consultant I am currently working with would be the perfect fit for me…..AND SHE IS!  AMEN!  Alleluia!
  • Intuitively followed a trail to seek backup support for the legal process of divorce and found this path to be not only supportive, but compassionate, kind, gentle, understanding and most importantly (in my book anyway) EMPOWERING!
  • The securing of a professional contract that will guarantee I will be able to pay my mortgage each month! 
  • The grace to allow myself to receive all these VERY GENEROUS gifts
  • The inner release of a stubborn stance I had taken in regards to joint financial obligations.


There are many more miracles….but I have one final one I want to share since it happened only yesterday: 

I was informed that a dear friend and client is a certified home inspector and handyman who is strongly gifted in remodeling.  NOW I have an avenue through which I can get the house inspected that I am currently dreaming about and get an idea of what it will cost for repairs BEFORE I decide to put in an offer.  AND, this friend is offering the inspection service to me pro-bono!  GOD IS AMAZING!!!!! 

So, today I will explore ways to indulge my monkey mind while keeping my eyes open for the abundant miracles that have surfaced and will continue to arrive as I have embraced the path of my highest truth and attempt to live the principles that I willingly share with others.  My hope is that this can serve as a source of inspiration for others who are seeking to stand more fully in their own truth.  This path is not absent of fear or trepidation, but the rewards and miracles are there to provide the support and guidance we need along the way.  To this I offer a huge AMEN! 

Lauri Lumby 

Authentic Freedom Ministries 


I am a trained, professional Spiritual Director, Author and Hands-on Healer. I offer services, programs and classes that empower you to hear the voice of the Divine that speaks from within you. It is the voice of the Divine that leads us to our highest truth, to the discovery and cultivation of our gifts and to a life of Authentic Freedom where we know contentment, compassion and joy. Your truth will set you free!