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Divine Timing and looking for a new home.

Yesterday the kids and I took the first step in finding our new home.  We went to open houses.  The good news is that we ruled out three houses.  The “bad” news is that we did not find what we wanted.  I found myself and the kids briefly entering into disappointment and worry as we wondered if we would find what we want in our budgeted price range and as for me, the concern about financing and paying for the house on a Spiritual Director’s salary.  Fortunately, I was soon reminded of the principles that I teach and try to live by as outlined in the Authentic Freedom philosophy.  I find myself in the position of having to literally practice what I preach. 

The first fear is to wonder if we will find an appropriate domicile.  This goes to one of our primary survival fears and needs  – the need for safety and shelter.  As I am tempted to wonder if our need in this area will be met, I am reminded of the truth that our Divine Source provides for all of our needs in abundance.  When I wonder how we are going to pay for this house, I am reminded of the same truth.  The fear that is addressed in the Authentic Freedom principles – the fear that there is not enough, is answered by the Divine truth of abundance.  Through God, our needs will be met for shelter, safety and security and the means to facilitate the fulfillment of these needs.   Authentic Freedom reminds me to have faith and hope in this promise.

Then comes the fear of timing.  When will we find the house and when will the finances arrive to support this need?  Here I am reminded of Divine Timing.  Indulging my human need to control and manipulate timing, I am reminded that the Divine has its own timing.  Divine Timing is ALWAYS in our highest good.  This is not necessarily true of human timing.  The invitation in this is for me (and the kids) to let go of our need to create our own security and manipulate the outcome to fit our wants.  Instead, I am reminded that we need to let go of our fear and our resulting temptation to control and surrender to the knowledge that only the Divine knows what is  in our highest good and is guiding us to this destination in the perfect way in the perfect time. 

So, I stand humbled in my humanness and pray for the faith to trust in the principles that I have been invited to teach. 

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries


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