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Avoiding the Temptation to Indulge Fear

This weekend I was innundated with emails, postings and blogs that addressed the tragic events unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico as a result of the ruptured oil well.  Thousands, perhaps millions of gallons of crude oil are pouring into the gulf every day and there is no end in sight.  All attempts to seal the leak have failed and we sit in helpless wonder as the waters of the Gulf are polluted, coastal lands and animal life are destroyed.   BP, the US government and other “oil interests” must be held accountable for this tragedy and we are the ones called to demand this accountability.  We are also called to participate in the economic and environmental rescue efforts that will be required as a result of this corporate debacle. 

While the events unfolding in the Gulf are sure to have  a monumental environmental and economic impact, the greatest danger is the temptation to indulge in fear.  While we cannot predict the longterm effects of the Gulf oil tragedy, I have a hard time accepting these events as harbingers of the apocalypse (as was stated by several of the email messages I recently received).  

As I sat in prayer this weekend over the Gulf tragedy, and envisioned healing energy being directed at the rupture on the ocean floor, a very clear message came through.  And this message was TRUST.  We can choose to remain in a place of fearful constriction around these events, or we can transcend the fear and trust that all this will serve a higher purpose.  While we shudder at the environmental devastation and economic impact of these events, we cannot predict the long-term positive effects that may surface.  In the end, we must trust that our Divine Creator works all things for good.  This is the meaning behind the universal concept of resurrection – out of every death, tragedy, loss, there is the promise and possiblity for new life.  What is the new life that we are being invited to discover and embrace as a result of these events?  Perhaps it is a renewed commitment for the development of alternative energy resources.  Perhaps it is a newfound courage to take action against the governmental and corporate corruption that has made us dependent upon crude oil in the first place.   Maybe it is an inner empowerment that compels us to seek tighter environmental regulations.  We do not as yet know the higher good that will result from this tragedy, but we are invited to be open to these possibilities and to take action as they emerge.   So my prayer for all of us today is to be open to seeing the higher good that may result from these tragic events and to be graced with the trust that will allow us to transcend the voices of fear – both within and outside of us.

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries


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