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I CAN – be and live as my most authentic self!

We have been exploring the solar plexus and its spiritual function of reflecting and faciliting assimilation and transformation.  The gift of this assimilation and transformation is this – we get to be and live as our most authentic self!  Allowing ourselves to take in that which is life-giving, while being open to releasing that which no longer serves, creates space within us where we can embrace the truth – I CAN

Specifically, this truth is about claiming and living as our most authentic selves.  Embracing the truth ” I can ” gives us the courage, motivation and empowerment we need to claim our own unique giftedness and to work toward sharing these gifts freely and openly in the world.  As we allow ourselves to live more fully from this interior place of authenticity, the liberating love of the Divine is able to be revealed in and through us into our wounded world. 

When we embrace the truth ” I can ” , we are freed of the inner fears, resistance, past hurts, false perceptions and ego attachments that would have us believe otherwise.  We are released of the messages that we received through perceived external authorities that tried to tell us that we could not be and live as our most authentic selves for many of the following reasons:

“You are not the right gender”

“You are not smart enough”

“You do not have the right education, upbringing, family tree, ethnic heritage, sexual orientation, etc. etc. etc. ”

“You are ugly, too fat, too skinny, too dumb, too smart, etc. etc. etc.”

Throughout our lifetimes, we have received a million messages that try to tell us that we cannot live and be as our most authentic selves.  These messages are never based on truth and always come out of the fears, false perceptions, insecurities and desire for power of the person or institution giving us these messages.  The truth is that our most authentic self is God’s gift and highest intention for us, and there is nothing or no one that can prevent us from living and being this truth.  While the negative messages we receive can thwart us on this path, it is only because these messages have triggered our own inner fears and insecurities.  Once we take responsibility for our own fears and allow ourselves to be open to letting them be healed, we can move more and more closely toward the liberating inner empowerment that allows us to step into our highest truth with ease and confidence. 

Being and living as our most authentic self is God’s greatest desire for us in this human experience.  In living our truth, God’s compassion, mercy, peace and joy are revealed in the world through us.  Living as the most authentic self that has been imagined through us by God, insures the highest good for ourselves and for those around us.  As my mentor Sr. Judy Miller once said, “The most loving thing you can do for those you love is to do what is most loving for yourself.”  Claiming and living as our most authentic self is the most loving thing that we can do for ourselves and for those we love. 

  • What are the fears that are preventing you from living as your most authentic self?
  • What are the negative messages you have received that have led you to believe that you could not live as your most authentic self?
  • How can you allow yourself to be open to being healed of the fears and false perceptions that may be preventing you from living as your most authentic self?

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