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Protecting our Borders

Today,  we will continue the discussion on the purpose and function of the Sacral Chakra.  The sacral chakra, located in the center of the belly, midway between the navel and the pelvic bone is responsible for the processes of creation, pro-creation and co-creation.  It is also the center most closely related to healthy boundaries.  But what do we mean by boundaries as it relates to our own personal journeys?  The image that comes to mind for me is the TV commercial (I think it is for DishTV or Time Warner Cable…..I’m not sure which) that shows an archer standing in the front yard of a couple’s home.  When the wife discovers the archer and questions her husband his response is, “It’s cool.  That’s Steve. He’s protecting the borders.” 

The sacral chakra, when we pay attention to it, alerts us to situations and individuals that may be infringing on our boundaries.  Boundaries, in the simplest sense is about having our needs honored and met – our needs  for food, clothing, shelter, safety, comfort, nurturing, support – the need to have our truths honored as sacred, to be honored for our own unique giftedness and creative call.  In this sense, the sacral chakra acts like a mother lion, fiercely protecting the young cub who seeks to grow to maturity.  Our sacral chakra is the mother lion to our needs and the creative gift within that seeks to find its expression in the world. 

The challenge is that many of us have not been conditioned to know how to recognize our own personal needs and/or to believe that we have a right to have our needs met.  Additionally, few are those who have been empowered to recognize and honor their own unique giftedness and the call to share this gift in the world.  When our boundaries are being infringed upon or dishonored, we are alerted by signals within that tell us to pay attention.  The signal might be rage, it might be shame, it might be a feeling of having to crawl within oneself to escape the perceived infringement.  Unfortunately, we are frequently conditioned to believe that these feelings we are having are bad so we pile a stack of guilt upon ourselves for asking for our needs to be met or seeking to express our truth or attempting to name and claim and cultivate our gifts.  The invitation instead is to recognize these signals as beneficial and as an opportunity to notice when our boundaries are being overtaken. 

The sacral chakra then plays a dual function in regards to boundaries, it houses the awareness of what our needs are, while alerting us when our needs are being denied.  Boundaries, in this sense then is really about personal power.  We have an opportunity to own our power through naming, claiming and guarding our needs, we also have the opportunity to give our power away by not honoring our needs.   We can be assured that when we are tempted to give our power away, the sacral chakra as the mother lion within will alert us to the danger ahead.  The invitation is to allow your own inner guardian to fearlessly guard your boundaries to protect our needs and to ensure that the precious gifts within have room to be honored, to grow and to be made manifest in the world. 

Lauri Lumby Schmidt, owner of Authentic Freedom Ministries and author of the soon to be released book, Authentic Freedom – Claiming a Life of Contentment and Joy


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