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The Center of Creativity, Pro-creation and Co-creation

In Ayurvedic medicine, yoga and many forms of energy medicine, there is an awareness of an energetic force that runs throughout our body, specifically up and down our spine.  This energy force is then perceived as having seven (or more) nodes or energy centers that reflect and govern our spiritual, emotional, mental and physical well-being.  These energy centers are called chakras.  

The chakras are perceived as spiraling vortexes of energy.   The first (root) chakra is located at the base of the spine and it pointed downward toward the earth, the seventh chakra is located at the crown of our head and is pointed upward toward the heavens.  The remaining five are located at specific points in between. 

The sacral chakra, is the second chakra and is located in the center of our belly, below the navel.  The sacral chakra is perceived like a horizontal hourglass with the narrowest part along the spinal column and expanding outward in a spiral-like fashion out of the back of our body at the sacrum and out the front of the body through the reproductive organs and outward.  The sacral chakra reflects and governs our creativity, pro-creation and co-creation.  This is the chakra we look to for our call to bring forth new life – literally and figuratively.  This is the energy center that responds to the desire of the Divine to find its expression uniquely through us.  Returning to the image of the acorn seeking to become the oak, it is through the sacral chakra and its correpondences that we can be aware of the Divine call within to name, claim, cultivate and express our own unique truth in the world.  Becoming aware of the physical, emotional and mental correspondences of the sacral chakra helps us to recognize when the Divine creative call is seeking to be made real through us and when we might be denying, suppressing or repressing this call.

Physically, the sacral chakra is specifically related to the organs of pro-creation and their related glands.  Suppression of the Divine truth that seeks to be expressed through us can manifest in dysfunctions and disease related to these organs and glands.  Infertility, erectile dysfunction, cancers of the ovaries, cervix, uterus, prostate, fibroid tumors, etc. can all be negative manifestations of denying the Divine creative call – not as a form of punishment, but as a natural effect of blocking the creative energy within.  (This is for another discussion, but please also note that men and women who have been victims of physically, sexual, emotional or mental abuse will also frequently experience unexplained disease or dysfunction in these areas.) 

Emotionally, when we suppress the Divine creative call, we may find ourselves feeling depressed, suffering from anxiety or panic,  experiencing moments of hysteria.  This has been well documented in the study of peri-menopausal or menopausal women.  (See the writings of Christiane Northrupp for more on this).  Unexplained rage, impatience, sadness, longing and fear can all be linked to the denial of our creative truth.

Mentally, suppressing our creative gifts can lead to confusion and a feeling a “being crazy.”  When we block the flow of our creative energy it can leave us feeling mentally “undone.”  We might have a difficult time focussing, staying on task, we might even feel a little nuts. 

The benefit of understanding the chakra system and their physical, mental and emotional correspondences is that we are able to look more deeply into our unexplained physical, mental and emotional states.  So, if you or someone you know is experiencing any of the above, it may be helpful to ask if there is a creative call that is seeking to be made known, cultivated and revealed in the world.  (Again, this is for another discussion…..but it might also be helpful to explore if there are any unhealed emotional wounds related to physical, sexual, emotional, verbal or mental abuse that might be manifesting in the above mentioned symptoms.)


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