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Let us bring forth life that will persist!

Today, I received a Facebook post from a teacher and friend announcing the birth of their third child.  There is nothing like the birth of a child to remind us of the Divine miracle of life and the process thereof and it is this process that will be the topic of this week’s blog. 

Each of us is called in a unique way to participate in the on-going creative action of the Divine in the world.  Whether it be in the process of bringing forth physical life in the continuation of the species or (note, these two are NOT mutually exclusive) being a co-creator with God in bringing forth the continued expression of Divine love, mercy, beauty, compassion, joy, celebration, justice, etc. etc. etc. …. we are all called to participate in this creative process. 

Labor, as experienced in childbirth, provides the perfect metaphor for the creative process and our participation in it.  Labor, it seems, has its own movement, flow and timing.  So too does our creative journey.  When we allow ourselves to surrender to the process of labor, the birth goes more smoothly, the child and the mother are less prone to injury and the child is brought forth into the world in a spirit of greater calm and peacefulness.  Our own creative unfolding is like this.  When we surrender to the process, we experience peace, contentment, love and joy and the life we are called to bring forth is healthier and more abundant.  Continuing with this metaphor,  when we resist the process of labor or try to control it through unnecessary interventions, we experience unnecessary pain, anxiety, fear, frustration, impatience and constriction.  The same is true with our creative process.  When we resist the new life that God is seeking to bring forth through us or try to control its unfolding, we experience suffering and pain. 

As any birthing coach, doula or midwife will tell you, the key to a gentle labor is surrender.  We are invited to breathe into the process and to participate in the ebb and flow of the contractions rather than resisting them.  We are invited to resist the temptation to fear and control and to find a way to connect with the natural movement of the Divine wisdom that knows how to bring forth new life.  Also, we are invited to participate in this process as a team.  As every birthing mother will attest, a team of supportive companions is necessary in this journey.  And….there are times when the assistance of experts in intervention are required. 

This is also the case in our own creative unfolding.  We are invited to surrender to the natural movement of the Divine within us as it seeks to bring forth new forms of creative expression.  We are also reminded that we cannot do this process alone.  We are invited to be open to the loving support of creative partners and to invite expert assistance where necessary. 

The invitation today is to spend a few moments reflecting on the process of birth.  What is it that you are being called to birth in the world?  How are you participating in that process?  Where do you need to surrender more?  What support do you need to help facilitate this process.  You are being called in this moment to bring forth a loving expression of the Divine in the world.  How are you responding to that call? 


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