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Pop Culture Prosperity Teachings

Today, I am choosing to blog about what may be a sensitive topic for some and needs to be addressed if we are to fully understand the truth of Divine abundance.  This sensitive topic is the pop culture movement of prosperity theology.  This movement varies in its specifics, but in general adheres to the following ideas:

– God loves you so much that God wants you to be rich and to have everything you want.

-You are loved so much by God that you deserve to have all that you want.

-You are solely responsible for your life circumstances.

-If you do not have what you want it is because of wrong thinking.

-The key to getting what you want is to change your thoughts.

– When you get what you want, you will be happy and content.


 Cloaked in spirituality, this pop culture movement preys on the vulnerable and the fearful and leads people to believe that they will be happy when they are rich and that it is God’s intention that they acquire the wealth they desire. then puts the burden on their shoulders of being the sole party responsible for whether or not they aquire the riches they long for.  This wraps the participant in a never-ending spiral of want.  As riches are attained (if indeed they are), then the bar is simply raised as the participant seeks to acquire more.  If the desired acquisition is not attained, then the participant is led into the dungeon of guilt to more closely examine their thoughts for symptoms of wrong thinking, which they are then required to simply change so that the desired wealth can once again be sought after.  They dynamics of this properity theology creates a never ending spiral of envy, want and guilt.  The end result is that nobody gets rich (except perhaps those who are selling this counterfeit theology) and most are left dissatisfied, unfulfilled and despairing. 

The core difficulty with this prosperity theology is the perception that abundance is measured by material wealth and acquisition.  As we have explored over the past few days, Divine abundance is independent of the external circumstances of our lives.  Material wealth and prosperity and acquisition of goods does not provide the inner fulfillment that we all seek.  That is not to say that the rich and famous are exempt from inner fulfillment, but that wealth in and of itself does not lead to inner peace and contentment. 

The source of inner fulfillment lies in our connection with the Divine within.  As we come to remember more fully our Oneness with God, with our highest self, with one another, and all of creation, we find the fulfillment that we seek.  The path, then to spiritual riches lies in cultivating, nurturing and developing that connection with the Divine within – here we will find peace, joy and love.  And in this intimate connection, we can be the richest or the poorest person by material standards, but the richest person within. 

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