Shake the Nonsense Out!


Shake the Nonsense Out

Hold me upside down and shake the nonsense out, Lord.

Get a good grip of both ankles,

break open the hinges that hold tight the small world

locked inside my cranium.

And Shake!

Shake and Shake and Shake

until all the clutter

falls to the curb:

Obsessive thoughts, false perceptions, fears, prejudice, judgment, ego-attachments, resentments, self-doubt, insecurities…and mostly…confusion.


After all has broken free, set me down and reach into the deep crevices of my mind, peeling away the tentacles that hold the final fears in place. 

Rip them free.

Throw them to the ground…….and….

STOMP the SHIT out of them!


Then, if there still remains parts and particles of debris…

take out the

Hoover hand of God

and suck out every last speck until what remains is

the glowing, light-filled, sparkling orb of truth –

where vision is clear, thoughts pure and peaceful

and my mind is content.


copyright 2010  Lauri Lumby Schmidt

(inspired by Hafiz)

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