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Can I Get a Witness?

One of the greatest obstacles to peace and contentment in our lives is our own mind.  Our egoic mind strives to control, manipulate, predict and sculpt the outcome of our lives.  While we are the creators of our own lives, creation from the ego-centered, fear-filled aspects of ourselves only produces fear-driven results.  When we allow ourselves to set aside the ego and allow the path that is in our highest good to be revealed by the Divine Source (our higher self) within, we experience the benefits of abundant peace, love and joy.  Discernment is the tool through which we allow ourselves to be open to the revelation of the Divinely inspired path.

One of the tasks of discernement is to assume the role of witness.  As witness, we employ the powers of watchfulness and observation.  Setting aside our egoic drive to judgement, we simply observe and take note of the results of this observation.  We watch.  We observe.  We take not.  We refrain from judging.  And, we compile a mental or physical list of the things that we are observing.  Assuming the role of witness allows us to remain in the place of present-moment awareness and refrain from our temptation to judge the results or infuse the information with predictions of the future or color it through the memories of our past.  We allow the present moment to reveal itself and we explore if what we are witnessing is life-giving, supportive of peace and contentment….or life-sucking and leading toward constriction and fear.  We watch, we observe, we feel and experience.  Observing allows us to gather the information that can later be brought into prayerful reflection where the light of insight and wisdom may illuminate the God-inspired path. 

The challenge is… we have the patience and trust to enter into the role of witness, knowing in faith that the path will reveal itself in the time that is also in our highest good? 


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