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The Divine Dwelling Among Us

Last night in the gathering of the Authentic Freedom Contemplative Community, we spent time with the final chapter of the Book of Revelation.  Removing this text from the typical apocalyptic, fear-based interpretations allows us to see the light within.  In this final chapter, we are reminded of the benefits of remembering our Divine Source as the beginning, the end, the first and the last of our lives.  When we allow the Divine to be the center of our life and the pivot from which our life unfolds, we return to the paradise that was lost when we chose to forget this Oneness. 

Chapter 21 of the Book of Revelation reminds us that the Divine dwells among us and that when we recognize this truth, we shall realize a “New Earth.”  As we explored last night, the “New Earth” exists within each of us individually and has the potential for being made manifest on a macrocosmic level as well.  As we allow the New Earth to be realized within us, we now act as an inspiration for others to do the same. 

The question today is……..What can you do today to remember the Divine as the center of your life?  How can you begin to remember your Oneness with the Divine so that the New Earth may begin to be made manifest within your own being and in your life experience? 


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