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Sheltered in our Hearts


And Mary, his mother, kept all these things and pondered them in her heart.

Luke 2: 51b


Sometimes, we come to an awareness of a truth so profound, a call so earth shattering that we need to take that truth, that realization, that call and draw it closely to our hearts.   Like a mother holding her newborn child, we feel compelled to hold it close, to keep it safe, to protect it from potential harm.  Also like a newly sprouted plant, we know we need to protect this fragile new life until it can grow roots and grow to maturity.  Only upon maturity is the plant ready to be fully revealed and shared in the world where it too can share its gifts.  The scripture passage above speaks to this place in our journeys. 



In the passage above, Mary, the mother of Jesus has just been witness to the miraculous unfolding of events in the life of her newborn son.   Starting with the visitation of the angel Gabriel through which Mary was invited to be the vessel through which Jesus would be brought forth in to the world, to her visitation with her cousin Elizabeth and Elizabeth’s proclamation of Jesus’ future greatness to the miraculous star that rose at Jesus’ birth, to the visitation of the shepherds and the presentation of Jesus in the temple and the prophetic response to Jesus’ birth by Simeon and the prophetess Anna.  How was Mary to comprehend all that had been foretold about her son?  How was she supposed to respond to these proclamations?  Were these announcements she was to proclaim to the world, or should she wait, watch and witness to how these proclamations were to be born out?  Scripture tells us she chose the latter. 



This scripture provides a great reminder for us as well.  There are times when we are invited to proclaim our truths from the rooftops and there are times we are invited to hold them close to our heart and witness to how they will bear out.  It is my sense that the determining factor on how we share our truths is the maturity of the truth.  When our truths are mature and fully born, this is when we share them in the world.  When they are still just a seed, or perhaps a newly germinated shoot, this is the time to hold them close to our heart. 



What truths are you being invited to shout from the rooftop and which ones are you being called to hold close to your heart? 


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