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For my Catholic Brothers and Sisters – you are not alone!

Something exceptionally rare, and miraculous happened today in the world of Catholicism.  A man of rank, prestigue, power, authority….AND credibility has stepped out from the flock and spoken out against the current pope and the failure of the Institution to authentically continue the mission of Christ.  In this public letter, Vatican II father and world-renowned theologian, Hans Kung has specifically brought to light the failure of the Institution to uphold the vision of the Vatican II Council.   More importantly, he admonishes the Institution for the sexual abuse scandal and their failure to effectively respond to this travesty. 

If you were raised Catholic or are alarmed by the scandal of sexual abuse by priests and the Vatican’s failure to effectively respond to this scandal, I encourage you to read the following letter penned by Kung.  This letter beautifully articulates the collective voice of those of us who were raised Catholic and found great inspiration in the proposed reforms of the Vatican II council and who hold the Institution accountable to the scandal currently rocking the Church.   This letter is nothing less than prophetic and clearly inspired by a Spirit greater than Kung himself.  In the end, Kung reminds us that we are not alone in desiring a Church that clearly reflects the compassion, tolerance, respect and humility modeled by Christ.  I offer a prayer of gratitude and relief to Hans Kung for speaking for the quiet majority. 

Click on this link to read Hans Kung’s letter:

And for those further interested in the person of Hans Kung, here is the Wiki link to his bio:


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