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Looking for God

Last night in the gathering of the Authentic Freedom Contemplative Community, one of the participants was struck by the following words from the scripture:

And none of the disciples dared to ask him, “Who are you?”
because they realized it was the Lord.

John 21


This participant reflected upon this passage as reflective of a belief that they had embraced and that had gotten them through the good and bad experiences of their life.   This passage comes from a story from scripture in which Jesus appears to the disciples after his death and resurrection.  He appears to them after they had returned to their pre-Jesus careers of fishing.  The disciples were fishing and came up empty until Jesus appeared to them and through his presence, they were able to make a bountiful catch of “153 large fish.”  It was this miraculous encounter that showed to the disciples the presence of the Lord.  But what about us?  Do we need a miracle to be aware of and remember the presence and action of the Divine in our lives?   In the spiritual life, we are invited to believe without need for physical evidence.  The key to this belief is being open to seeing the presence and action of the Divine in both the good and bad experiences of our lives. 

In the coming days, I invite you to look for God.  Examine the experiences of your everyday life and ask yourself the question, “Where is God in this?”  Looking and being attentive to God, allows us to see this presence.  As last night’s participant observed, it was this kind of looking that helped them find peace, especially in the challenges of life.  If we too desire this kind of peace and trust, perhaps all we have to do is look. 


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