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It's All in My Head

As I awoke this morning, I immediately became aware that today would be day three of the migraine headache I’ve been carrying around this weekend.  Before you fear that I will be using this blog to share my own personal complaints, know that I only share this in support of the subject of the contemplative life.

Embracing the contemplative life, we become aware of the larger flow of the universe.  We are invited to look at the circumstances, events and happenings of our life for the “God message” within it.  As a Spiritual Director, I have been trained to ask the question, “Where is God in this?”  The Western spiritual tradition places this question within the world of our emotions, thoughts and personal experiences.  Thanks to Eastern medicine, we can now place this question within the world of our physical bodies. 

Eastern medicine has gifted us with two theories that map the subtle energy channels within our bodies.  These energy channels are like the electrical wiring within our homes that get energy from one place in our home to another.  These energy channels are called meridians in Chinese medicine and are called chakras in Yogic and Ayurvedic medicine.  The purpose of these channels is to carry and transmit our life force energy  – the energy that gives us life and sustains it.  These channels are supposed to be open so that the energy can move through us freely and unencumbered, supporting our natural state of wellness.  Unfortunately, due to spiritual, emotional and/or mental distress, this energy is sometimes blocked or constricted and if left untreated, will eventually manifest in physical symptoms such as pain or susceptibility to injury. 


The contemplative life invites us to explore these physical manifestations for the underlying spiritual, emotional or mental distress that may be the deeper cause of the physical symptoms.  With the migraine that I have been experiencing then, I am invited to plumb the depths of my consciousness for the deeper constriction within.  I could ask myself the question, “What is God trying to show me through these physical symptoms?”  Or better yet, I might bring this question to my meditation and prayer and ask, “God, please reveal to me the deeper wound that is seeking to be healed through this physical manifestation.”  I might then ask the Divine Source that lives in and through me to help bring this wound to healing and to give me the tools to support this healing in my everyday life. 

If you are interested in exploring energy medicine theory and how this may be helpful for your own journey of healing and transformation, I recommend the following books:

Wheels of Life, Anodea Judith

Authentic Freedom, Lauri Lumby Schmidt (to be released this fall!)

And…if you live in the Oshkosh area, watch my website for announcements of the class Authentic Freedom which I will be offering this summer.  In this class, you will learn the intimate connection between the chakras and our own journey to freedom and will be given effective tools for releasing the spiritual fears that are preventing you from being the most magnificent version of yourself that you could possibly imagine.  Hope to see you this summer! 


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