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The talk last night at the gathering of the Contemplative Community at some point turned to obstacles.  One participant connected deeply with the image of the stone that sealed the tomb in which Jesus’s crucified body was placed.  We explored the stone as a metaphor for the things in our own lives that block our journey to the freedom of new life. 

Coincidentally, inner obstacles were the subject of the work I did with clients yesterday as well.  In the Hebrew language, there is a word that literally means obstacle and has been morphed into a name through which we identify the personification of the inner obstacles.  That name is Satan.   Within each and every one of us reside the fears, false perceptions, compulsions and unhealed wounds that stand in the way of our ability to accept the freedom of new life.  This new life is the peace, contentment, love and joy that God intended for us to know.

So, for today, the invitation is to explore our inner terrain to uncover the stones that are blocking the exit from our own tombs.  Where do we fear that we are not deserving of love?  Where are we clinging to resentments and past hurts?  Where do we feel we are not free to name, claim, cultivate and express our own unique giftedness.  Where do we feel alone and unsupported?  Where do we feel that we are unable to be the person God created us to be – peaceful, loving and free?  What are the compulsive behaviors that stand in the way of our freedom?  As you excavate your inner terrain for these obstacles, allow yourself to offer them up to the Divine Source of your understanding for healing and release.  Then you too shall be able to step forth from your inner tomb into the promise of new life.  YOU ARE RISEN! 


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