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A Circle of Like-Minded Souls


Last night Authentic Freedom Ministries  hosted a gathering for those called to embrace their own Christ Consciousness (for more on this, see yesterday’s blog) and to be vehicles through which others can work toward accepting the Christ waiting to be revealed within themselves.  As I looked around the circle of those gathered, all I could do was gaze in wonder and gratitude over the many people who have come into my life since I have embraced the call to contemplation.

Growth in self awareness and self knowledge are fruits of a contemplative practice.  As we come to know our true selves more fully, we also come to recognize our needs – we grow in our ability to discern that which is life-giving and supportive of our highest truths and that which is not.  Along with this discernment comes choice.  As we come to recognize those things that support and those that do not, we begin to make choices that support our truths.  We keep those things that are life-giving and get rid of the rest.  This process of discernment and choice cannot help but filter into our choices around human relationship.  As we grow in self-knowledge, we come to recognize those relationships that are supportive to our journey and work toward maintaining these relationships while cultivating opportunities for more of these kinds of supportive relationships to develop.  At the same time, we allow ourselves to say no to those relationships that do not support our highest truths.  The end result is a circle of supportive, respectful, honest and healthy relationships.  Now, who wouldn’t want more of that? 

As I looked around the circle last night, I was reminded of the work that has gone into being open and present to this circle of like-minded souls.  Naming and claiming our needs around relationship and being open to that which is supportive and life-giving is not always easy.  This process sometimes requires us to say no to long-standing relationships that in our growth we have discovered have never been and still do not support the truths we have come to know about ourselves.  We have to take the risk of looking foolish for making choices that are life-giving and supportive and we are frequently challenged to stand up against our societal, tribal and religious norms.  Choosing healthy-life giving relationships that support our highest truths can be a journey peppered with loss, but the end results are nothing short of miraculous.  How can you not be grateful and filled with wonder when you realize that your own process of interior growth has resulted in a community of people with whom you can share your highest truths and for whom you can do the same.

So today, I am grateful for the fruits of contemplation that have empowered me to seek out and cultivate healthy, life-giving relationships and I invited you to do the same!



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