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Contemplating Archetypes

Contemplation allows us to open our eyes to a wider range of vision.  We are able to see beyond our former limited perceptions to an awareness of hidden and deeper truths.  Seeing through these eyes allows to set aside our perceived differences to be open to our similarities.  The expansive vision brought forth through the contemplative life compels me to wonder at the world of archetypes and how they communicate our universal truths.  The owl’s recent appearance was one harbinger of the language of archetypes.  Today, I am curious about the blue-skinned man/gods as depicted in the Hindu, Buddhist and Christian traditions.

The images here represent The Medicine Buddha, a mystical vision of Christ as seen by Hildegard of Bingen and Lord Krishna.  Notice that each of these spiritual masters are represented with blue skin.  Why?  And, how did three neighboring yet separate spiritual traditions come up with similar representations of their masters?  What does the blue color of the skin represent and how did these images come to be?  It seems that somehow, our Oneness transcended our perceived separations so as to communicate a universal truth.  But what is that truth? 

I welcome your thoughts and insights on this phenomenon.   As I bring this into my reflection for today and stir that around with the owl that is still flying around in my subconscious, I invite you to do the same.  What are the higher and universal truths that these images are trying to communicate?  What is the significance of the blue skin and what is its meaning for us?  I invite you to reflect on these questions and post your answers in the comment section of the blog.  In a future posting, I will share your responses.  Curious minds want to know! 


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2 thoughts on “Contemplating Archetypes

  1. Interesting indeed!
    My humble thoughts…
    Krishna and Buddha are recognized as avatars of Vishnu…some argue that Christ was as well (perhaps I should duck for cover as lightning is likely on the way to my house).
    Blue is the color of the oceans…the sky…the throat chakra. A symbol of the throat chakra is the chalice (aka drinking vessel). These deities were all “vessels” of God’s word.

    1. No lightning bolts coming from my neck of the woods! I honor Krishna and Buddha as avatars just as Christ was/is. I love the vessel correlation! I was thinking of blue as in the brow chakra….and throat works too. Knowing (brow) and Speaking (throat) their truth. Amen! Aum! Alleluia!

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