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Everything as a Vehicle for Divine Revelation

On of the fruits of the contemplative life is that each and everything has an opportunity to be a vehicle through which the Divine seeks to reveal truth to us.  Each experience, every encounter, all of our human interactions become a possible way in which God is speaking to us. 

I was reminded of this last night as I returned from my night out with Maggie to find a dead owl lying on our dining room table.  It seems that an owl had spent the afternoon sitting on our fence and was later found lying dead in our yard.  Scot called the DNR to find out what to do and today we will be giving the owl a proper burial.  No fowl play (sorry, no pun intended) was committed and it seemed the owl died a natural death and yet, we are all feeling a little sad today knowing that another wild friend has lost his/her life.   This will now be the third owl that has found its way to our home at the moment of its untimely death.  I can’t help but wonder if this might be some sort of message from beyond!

To the ancient cultures, all animal life bears significance to our spiritual journey.  Our animal friends and companions were considered to be messengers from the gods and harbingers of truth.   When these animals make their appearance, we are invited to reflect on how the Divine may be trying to break through our veil of limited perception to reveal deeper truths.  (For more on this topic, I recommend Animal Speak by Ted Andrews)    It is through the contemplative life that I am urged to explore what truth God might be inviting into my awareness through the visitation of the owl.   

So, as you go through your own journey today, I invite you to see through the eyes of the contemplative life.  How is God seeking to reveal truth to you through coincidence, events, dreams, thoughts, family members, daydreams and animal friends or visitors?    In the contemplative life, everything becomes a potential vehicle through which the Divine reveals itself and its truth to us.  We just need to be open to seeing it! 


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