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Being a Vessel of Healing

As I read the headlines of today’s paper, I can’t help but feel an overwhelming weight of sadness press down upon me.  Haiti still trying to crawl out of the rubble of January’s earthquake.  This weekend’s earthquakes in Chili and Japan, tsunamis in the Pacific basin, more wars than we can count in the Middle East, the struggling world economy – not to mention the recent tragic deaths locally all serve to place a burden of sadness upon us.  Added to this, I spent last night sitting with a dear friend whose husband is dying and provided respite for one of their daughters who needed to be in a “less stressful” space.  As I sit with all of this sadness and loss, I am reminded of the call that comes out of the contemplative journey.

As we embrace the contemplative life, one of the things we come to understand is the interconnectedness of all of reality.  We come to remember more fully our Oneness with our Source (God) and with eachother.  Out of this awareness arises the often times startling recollection of our Divine purpose.  That purpose is to be a vessel through which the healing love of the Divine can be more and more fully revealed in our world.  To put it plainly, we are called to be God’s healing presence in the world.  We are God’s hands, God’s eyes, God’s comforting voice and loving embrace.  It is this recollection that compels us to act in the face of the day to day tragedies of the human condition.  No longer content to sit in helpless apathy, we are called to respond, if nothing else, through prayerful attention to those things that appear to be out of our control.  Perhaps we cannot stop the tragedies from happening, but we can hold those affected in our prayer and loving support.  We can envision that God is moving through us and into and toward those we envision to be in need of God’s help.  And as we hold them in loving regard, we know that God’s peace is being made more fully manifest in their hearts. 

So, my invitation to you today is to remember that you are a vessel of God’s healing love.  I invite you to call to mind those people and situations in need of healing and peace.  Allow yourself to be an open vessel through which God’s love can move into the hearts and minds of those in need and trust that through your openness, God’s peace is increasing in those for whom you are praying.  And, while you hold them in prayer, know that God’s peace is increasing in you as well.   God’s peace to you as you allow yourself to be that vessel of healing and love in the world. 


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