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A New Heaven and a New Earth

  Behold, I will create
       new heavens and a new earth.
       The former things will not be remembered,
       nor will they come to mind.

(Isaiah 65: 17)


One of the most profound fruits of contemplation is the way that it changes our perception of life, the world we live in and the dynamics of our human relationships.  Diligent attention to contemplation literally changes our world.  We no longer live within the fears and false perceptions that create for us a life of pain and suffering, instead, we are able to witness the human condition from a place of detachment, patience and trust.  The old world passes away and we find ourselves living in the new world as foreshadowed in the above reading from Isaiah. 

The old world is that which is known by fear, gluttony, wrath, resentment, vengeance, constriction, envy, greed, deference to outside perceived authority, pride, lust.  The old world creates tension, smallness, constriction, apathy, prejudice and judgment within us. 


In the new world, we are free of all of these things and are able to see the human condition through new eyes.  Free of the false perception of separation, we are able to reside within a place of contented faith.  While suffering may still exist, we are able to refrain from judgment or reaction and simply observe it as something that is.  We patiently trust that what we might be perceiving as suffering will prove to lead us to healing and transformation.  We know joy and allow ourselves the opportunities to experience joy.  We know the state of love within us and are able to reflect that to others who then have an opportunity to remember more fully the truth of the love that they are.  This new world becomes a place of non-judgment, compassion, generosity, faith, joy and peace where we are free to humbly, freely and openly share the unique way in which we have been created to reveal Divine love in the world and empower others to do the same.  Love, not fear, becomes the driving force of our lives. 


The good news is that the New Earth is available to us RIGHT NOW!  Contemplative practice is the vehicle through which this new earth is revealed and made manifest in our lives.  So if you are interested in experiencing the new earth, begin today by exploring the vast opportunities for contemplative practice so that you may find the one that most speaks to you today and start doing it.   For ideas on the different kinds of contemplative practices available for you today, check out the following link:


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