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Today is the Day


Well, it is now official.  PBS has released the interview in which I participated which explores Reiki and the US Catholic Bishops’ recent statement against Reiki.  Here is the link :

Upon release of this piece, I feel a strange mixture of excitement and validation along with a profound awareness of the temptation of the ego.  The very human part of me is jumping up and down in excitement chanting, “I’m on TV.  I’m famous.  Somebody loves me.”  I am acutely aware of the unhealed wounds within me that seek validation, affirmation, attention and praise and see the opportunity to believe I am receiving these things through the release of this very public interview.  At the same time, I am even more profoundly aware of the deceptive nature of this “achievement”.  On the deepest level, I know that being on TV will not fill these empty places within me.  And I am invited, once again, to offer up these areas of woundedness to the Divine healer for the next layer of healing and release. 

At the same time, I do feel a sense of accomplishment in being asked to interview for this piece.  And this accomplishment, I can only attribute to God.  While the journey with Reiki in regards to my relationship with the Catholic Church has been a rocky one, working with this remarkable tool has done nothing but bring me closer to God.  In sharing Reiki and facilitating Spiritual Direction, I have seen the infinite mystery of the Divine revealed again and again and again.  And this is no less true in how this whole Reiki/PBS interview came about in the first place.

I remember the day the Bishop’s statement was released and my reaction to the grave misconceptions and lack of research put into their statement.  I was tempted to fire off my own ego-filled rebuttle, but decided to wait.  There was an energy in me, however,  that would not leave me alone.  I contacted the National Catholic Reporter about the Bishops’ statement and invited them to provide a journalistic response.  Their invitation to me was to write that response.  WHAT?  Me write for the NCR?  I’m not a journalist!  But this was an opportunity I knew I could not refuse.  So I wrote the piece and with their expert editing, the piece was then published in the National Catholic Reporter.  I wrote a similar piece for Reiki News Magazine that appeared on their Christian Reiki website.  It was through these two articles that PBS found me and invited me to be part of their piece on Reiki.  I am convinced that this was nothing less than Divinely guided.  I didn’t really do anything but listen to that voice within that urged me to make that initial contact with the NCR…..and the rest just simply happened.  God is amazing! 

So, I sit in wonder at the way in which this has all unfolded.  While I would be lying if I didn’t admit my selfish desire for professional advancement as a result of this news piece, I am attentive to the invitation to let go of any attachment to the outcome in all of this, knowing and trusting that this is all part of some Divine plan in which I am simply a willing participant.  Ultimately, it is my hope that this piece provides support and affirmation for those practitioners of Reiki who are coming out of a Christian tradition while giving Catholic practitioners and potential recipients tools through which they can discern for themselves if Reiki is a valid vehicle through which God’s healing Grace may continue to be revealed in our world. 


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