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Praying with the Right Side of the Brain

One of the things I love about contemplation is the unlimited number of ways in which we can purposefully connect with the God of our understanding.   In last night’s gathering of the Authentic Freedom Contemplative Community, we took the time to explore creativity as a vehicle for contemplation.  Specifically, we set aside our linear, pragmatic, logical, adult mind and put on the mind of a child, and putting crayon to paper, gave visual expression to our prayer. 

I am always astounded at the ability of creative expression to plumb the deeper recesses of our inner terrain to reveal our hidden truths.  As each participant courageously revealed their completed masterpieces, deeper truths were revealed.  Through this sharing we learned and had an opportunity to grow through eachother’s unique insight and awareness and the collective growth was greater than the individual parts.  We discovered that in the world of contemplation, it is not technical skill that is important, but the deeper truths held within the creative expression.  A group of stick figures becomes a metaphor for our own vulnerability to group think and a swirl of yellow and orange becomes a reminder of our own radiance.  A tiny box represents our tendency to shut ourselves off from the world and an open door an invitation to allow our gifts to be revealed.  Artistic expression frees us from the limitations of the left side of our brain and allows our creativity to soar. 

If you haven’t done so recently, I encourage you to entertain this rewarding spiritual practice.  Grab a handful of your kids’ crayons, a piece of paper and let your Divine inner truth reveal itself through the right side of your brain and your forgotten inner child! 


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