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Open to Divine-cidence

One of the things I love about the contemplative path is the way it opens us up to seeing the miracles that are forever happening right in our midst.  Cultivating a contemplative practice provides the ground in which miracle- mindedness can emerge (I give credit to my friend and editor, Sara Eliasen for coining this phrase!).  Miracle- mindedness is an openness to seeing and believing in the redemptive quality in every life situation.  We are able to be open to seeing the good before us, while having the faith to believe that even what we perceive to be darkness holds within it the promise of new life. 

Now, I don’t want to confuse miracle mindedness with the “power of positive thinking.”  While embracing positive affirmations and attempting to think positively may be helpful tools, the truth remains that we can think positive thoughts all we want but until our deeper spiritual wounds are healed, we will still feel like crap.  And, if our inner wounds have not been healed, our external behaviors will eventually betray the truth of what lies within. 

Miracle mindedness arises out of our own journey of healing.  As the false perception of separation is healed, and the resulting spiritual fears released, we are more and more open to seeing through the eyes of the Divine that lives within and through us.  One of the ways in which this miracle mindedness is revealed is through experiences of synchronicity (or God-cidence, as I like to call them).  Seeing through the eyes of miracle mindedness, we see these experiences as more than mere coincidence, but something directed by the Divine.  We receive exactly what we need when we need it in often mysterious ways.  We suddenly receive a phone call from someone about whom we have been thinking.  We meet supportive resources at the exact time they are needed.  Miracle mindedness reminds us that we are not alone in this journey.

I had an exciting experience of Divine-cidence just this week.  Sunday, while shopping at Festival foods, I ran into a friend who had been a participant in one of those “failed” projects I had previous mentioned.  I had been thinking about him and his partner since entertaining the idea of opening space for contemplative community, and had them on my list of people to contact.  I was a little hesitant, not knowing if they were still part of the other project and since neither had email, it would have required a personal contact on my part….something I had just not been courageous enough to risk.  What I learned in this meeting is that they were no longer associated with this other project and were very interested in reconnecting with a community that was more contemplative-based.  I told him about our Monday and Tuesday gatherings and trusted he would pass the information on to his partner.   I assumed the Divine-cidence was now complete, but I soon learned this was not so.

On Friday, the Divine-cidence revealed itself in its fullness.  While enjoying breakfast at Pilora’s with a dear friend, this man’s partner shows up with her daughter for breakfast.   I jumped up to greet her and we proceeded to discuss the Monday and Tuesday gatherings in more detail.   She will be joining us on Tuesday, and I assume that will mean her partner will as well.  

Now, I could have just looked upon these situations as mere coincidence, but thanks to the gift of miracle-mindedness, I was open to seeing the hand of the Divine in directing these events (or at least opening me to seeing the opportunity right before my eyes).  I am forever grateful for these moments of Divine synchronicity and give credit to the contemplative practice I have embraced in attuning me to see the world through the eyes of miracles.

So for today,  I offer you this challenge :  Where can you be open to seeing the Presence and Action of the Divine in the experiences of the day, in the opportunities that present themselves and in the people you meet?  Enjoy this day as an opportunity to practice miracle-mindedness and be open to the truth of Divine-cidence!


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