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The Vast Nature of Contemplation

This morning, I am struck by the vast nature of contemplative practices.  In our Western culture, we are tempted to perceive contemplation only within the context of silent meditation.  This could not be further from the truth.  As shown in this illustration, along with silence, contemplation includes activism, movement, generative practices, ritual, relationship and creative process.  What this reminds us is that the ways in which the Divine reveals itself to us are limitless, we need only put on the lens of openness to see the Presence and Action of God in our midst.  As we attune ourselves to this awareness, amazing things begin to happen – we grow in knowledge of ourselves, we are healed of our woundedness, our fears and false perceptions are released and we come to know a greater sense of peaceful contentment. 

So, just for today, indulge the vastness of contemplation.  Take a look at the tree of contemplative practices and choose one activity that you can intentionally participate in today.  Set time aside to be creative, listen attentively, experience an activity mindfully, rest in silence, move with intention.  Open your eyes to how the Divine may be revealing itself, or revealing more about you in that chosen moment of contemplation.  What this tiny practice reminds us is that contemplation does not require a drastic change in our everyday lives.  We can take just a few moments out of our busy day to be open to recognizing peace, love, joy and truth being revealed in our midst.  Try it for today, and see what happens!  And if you are interested in sharing your contemplative practice in the context of a supportive, confidential community, please join us Mondays at 7pm or Tuesdays at 11am for the Contemplative Community at Authentic Freedom Ministries!  Your presence is welcome! 

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