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Eyes Wide Open

As the influence of Eastern mystical traditions, including meditation and contemplation has permeated our Western mindset, we are tempted to elevate silence as the preferred path to enlightenment and self-actualization.   While silence is a remarkable gift to ourselves and allows us to assume a receptive posture so that we can remember the Presence and Action of the Divine in our lives, the emphasis of this path frequently takes place at the expense of other equally life-giving tools.  Active Contemplation is one of those tools that frequently gets lost in the shuffle. 

Through silent contemplation, we set time aside to simply be.  As it is said in the Zen tradition, in silence, the goal is no goal.  We simply sit in silence, open to whatever may come – or not.  In maintaining a disciplined practice of silence, we are cultivating our interior spaces for the seeds of the Divine to be planted and take root. 

Active contemplation, on the other hand, is meditation in the midst of the cacophony of our everyday lives.  In embracing Active Contemplation, we are able to “pray without ceasing.”  In Active Contemplation, we move through our life with eyes wide open, receptive to perceiving the Presence and Action of God in every moment of our day.   Participating in active contemplation, we move through our day with the following question always on our mind, “Where is God in this?” 

So for today, my invitation to you is to accept the invitation to active contemplation.  As you move through the day,  continually ask yourself these questions, “Where is God in this?  How is God revealing God’s self to me?  How might God be revealing truth, leading me to peace, helping me to know love, guiding me toward joy?”  Entertaining this practice allows us to go through life with eyes wide open.  With eyes newly open, what miracles do we now see? 

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