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Reiki on My Mind

Today, I find myself reflecting on Reiki and the role contemplative prayer played in leading me and sustaining me in the study and use of this amazing tool of healing.

I first heard about Reiki twenty-some years ago when my friend Carol shared with me her exploration of this healing tool.  There was something deep inside me that said, “Lauri, you will be doing this someday.”  It was through the gift and practice of active contemplation that I paid attention to that voice.  Years later, it was that same gift of active contemplation that led me to the right Reiki teacher for me at exactly the right time of my life.  It was then through my commitment to both prayerful and active contemplation that I heard the voice of God invite me to share Reiki as part of my ministry at the Newman Center Catholic Campus Ministry and it was through the fruits of contemplation that the path was made clear for this sharing to take place.  It was also through the fruits of diligent practice that I was able to discern my readiness to expand my ministry beyond the contructs of the Catholic institution.

Admittedly, my journey with Reiki and the Catholic Church has not always been an easy one,  but it is through diligent attention to contemplation  – both active and silent – that I have found affirmation of the truth that I have come to understand about Reiki and how it fits with Jesus’ message of healing and love.   In the times that I have been confronted by the fearful few, I have found strength and comfort in contemplation.  When I needed scriptural support (not for me, but for others), through contemplation, I was led to the perfect words of support.  When I doubted Reiki’s ability to heal, contemplation opened my eyes to see miraculous transformation.   Diligent attention to contemplation led me to this tool, assisted me in discerning my call to study and share Reiki and provided support in times of challenge or doubt.  And thankfully, through the fruits of contemplation, I am now able to stand in the truth that I have come to understand and openly and freely share this truth, regardless of the support or lack thereof of external individuals and institutions. 

Tomorrow (Jan 17) PBS will be airing a piece on Reiki and the Catholic Bishops’ prohibition of this method of hands-on healing.  (I was interviewed for this piece and demonstrated a live Reiki session.)  Claiming lack of scientific evidence and support and accusing practitioners and recipients of Reiki as indulging superstition, the Catholic Bishops issued an official statement that prohibits Reiki from being offered or promoted in Catholic institutions (including spirituality and retreat centers).  In the Catholic Diocese where I reside, the local Chancellor (spokesperson for the Bishop) went so far as to call Reiki “witchcraft and sorcery.”   While I no longer need the approval of the institution to stand in the truth that I know, I am grateful when unexpected validation appears.

Yesterday, the Mayo Clinic released a newsletter that shares their support and use of complementary energy therapies, including Reiki in the support and treatment of their patients. (  WOW… about a HUGE endorsement for the benefits of Reiki and validation of what Reiki practitioners have already come to know.  While news of this endorsement filters through traditional media and social networking services,  I can only sit in wonder at the timing of this announcement.  And, it is once again through the role of contemplation, that I can see Divine providence at work!


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